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2008 Membership Package
Players Membership - 1500 baht (includes polo shirt, shorts, socks, discounts).
Netballers Membership - BNL fees of 2500 baht (includes t-shirt and guranteed fun).
Supporters Membership - 750 baht (includes polo shirt & members discounts).

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For info and write-ups on just about every Tigers match from the clubs's a bit thin on the ground pre-2005, but well worth classification as a significant historical document.
pre-2005> 2005> 2006> Internationals
The Asian Australian Football Championships continue to grow...and by looking through this section you'll see that our cred as journos is prone to poor form & reliant on alcohol.
2005> 2006> 2007>
Held annually on honour of the Diggers, the Tigers previous battles with regional foes are well documented through these great articles from past ANZAC Commemorative Matches.
2005> 2006>
The last verified sighting of the Tigers' Melbourne correspondant was back in 2007. Word on the street is that he and the 'Top' will be Joffas' sidekicks in season 2008.
2005> 2006> 2007>
He's king of the beach break, the smoko break and the hand brake..and he's here, remastered.
2005> 2006> 2007> 2008
Here we chronicle some famous interviews with some infamous Tigers. Funny stuff!
Yoda Mango Ric Rowdy Tugga Scorch Chilli Cammo
Former Tigers and their not so current lives. Well it is the archives after all.
Will Hamilton Hamish McMicking Peter Young
Mangos' failure as a journo is self-evident in this column. He was banished to the archives after tawdry off-field behavior involving his number one fan, was exposed over the internet.
2005> 2006> 2007>
After a highly successful stint in the sportswear / lingerie business, T-Tree returned to Australia for health reasons. He is currently being treated for dry rot.
2005> 2006>
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A mish-mash of one-off articles. From records of previous Tigers AGM's to questions about Henry Fonzarella. There's a lotta dust in here & the last place to look!
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