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Fester, Bruce
AFL Team:
2008 Membership Package
Players Membership - 1500 baht (includes polo shirt, shorts, socks, discounts).
Netballers Membership - BNL fees of 2500 baht (includes t-shirt and guranteed fun).
Supporters Membership - 750 baht (includes polo shirt & members discounts).

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Tim Moore, or Noodles to his best mates, soi dogs and anyone else who meets him, is great clubman who always welcomes you with a smile, a handshake and a weather forecast. His regular columns give us all some light relief from the rigours of our daily lives.

Noodles has been writing his column for 3 years, and, if I may quote the great man himself, 'It will never stop getting better."


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(Archives) Mingeta Report
(Archives) Cloke & Dagger
(Archives) Voice From The Outer

Ben Will, footballer extraordinaire, willing columnist and hilarious drunk continues to confuse us with all sort of manic banter that has us pondering whether he has,
1: A fragile mental state.
2. A dislike of paragraphs.
3. A Tasmanian upbringing.

Going by the moniker of Mango, Ben has been a regular contributer, in varied guises, for almost 3 years.


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