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Dog Weds, Grizz To Start?:
16th March 2007

International vice-captain, top bloke and born superstar Greg “Grizzly” Mellor could be joining the wedding party this Saturday when incumbent Thailand Tigers leader Geoff “Dog” Everett” ties the knot to his sweetheart of longer than anyone can remember, Ja.

After receiving only three replies to his widely distributed, yet curiously covert wedding invitations the news that Mellor will be playing an important part in the celebrations was leaked to the public in the early hours of Wednesday evening.

Surprised by the reaction to the news Everett instructed Benny “Mango” Will that he was not happy with the close attention and that he did indeed forward intricate, silver lettered dispatches that clearly requested the presence of all friends and associates.

Saul “Sunny” Morgan, clutching a whiskey coke attempted to clarify the controversy by offering the following wisdom: “Well, I went to Robbo’s wedding and Grizz is going to Dog’s wedding so maybe next time it will be someone else.” Morgan immediately backed this up with a tip of his hat and a wild appeal for “Three cheers for Saul!”

Sensing an opportunity to build on his fast developing iconic image Hollywood Allan Sharman called for an immediate amendment to the domestic football calendar. According to Sharman an additional game could be scheduled to coincide with Everetts very private affair, as without two of Thailands three 2006 Asian medalists it will be the perfect chance for himself to dominate. Sharman briefly included Ryan Collett in his vision of domestic prosperity but quickly retracted to make clear that he

alone would be dominating in the event of any football this week.

One things for certain, football or no football this Saturday Ja is definitely in the dog house.

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Dog Weds, Grizz to Start?
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