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2009 Victorian Bushfire Appeal Game
February 14th 2009
Bangkok Patana

Blues – 18 . 6 . 114

Reds – 8 . 5 . 53

On Saturday, the Thailand Tigers Domestic Season continued into its second week at Patana. As the temperature around Bangkok steadily increases as does the standard of football exhibited by the Tigers, and Round 2 was a case in point. For what must be a Tigers first, spectators out-numbered players as supporters, friends, Australians gathered in an effort to raise funds for those who lost everything during the Victorian Fires. The match started on a somber note with an emotional speech by recently retired Tiger-champ Goose, followed by a minutes silence, but once the whistle was blown, minds were back on the game at hand.

It was the Blues who jumped the Reds in the first quarter. Despite the absence of the reigning B&F, the Blues were controlling the centre square with back-up ruckman Rowdy skillfully tapping down numerous opportunities to The Hoo who was palming off more opponents than he does chicks at RCA. Pumping the ball long to an open forward line, the Blues scored at will, again like The Hoo at RCA, with JP the main recipient constantly finding himself in the right spot to kick 3 first-term goals.

If the Blues jumped the Reds in the first quarter, they absolutely made them their bitch in the second. The crowd swooned as The Magnificent Hornblower repeatedly powered through the midfield, gasped as Saul took several big contested marks, and giggled as Jesus attempted to rediscover the coordination that deserted him during the off-season. The Reds, obviously missing the drive and jokes of an absent Stoney, fell into further disarray with the loss of inspirational captain, and their oldest player, J-Rex, with what might ultimately be a life-threatening* knee injury. This just further opened the door for the Blues with Sefto collecting possessions at will despite a large stomach wound and Samo not even requiring both shoes to kick a long goal on the run.

Inspirational speeches were just the thing both camps required at half-time. J-Rex reminded his Red team that they got themselves back from a similar position the week before, while Samo was reminding the Blues that the Reds got themselves back from a similar position the week before. Gripping stuff!

However, despite the pleas from their wounded General, the 3rd quarter was just as disastrous for the Reds as the two that had preceded it. The Hoo continued to unashamedly tear up the middle of the ground, opening opportunities up forward, and opportunities for Ange to get some special action photos – neither of which was missed. A goal to the evergreen Yoda was all the Reds managed while the Blues were unstoppable with so many goals, Patto ran out of fingers to count them on.

As the final quarter started the result was a forgone conclusion and the only real question remained was whether the Tigers had a mercy rule in their club charter. For the Reds, The Doc, Filthy Phil and Mango all tried valiantly, but in the end it wasn't nearly enough with the Blues running out massive 12 goal winners. A bad day got even worse for the Reds when it was discovered Samo's 8 goals eclipsed Hollywood's previous club record 7. A record he shows no signs of regaining.

*Life-threatening only if he should need to out-run a pack of angry wolves.

Best Players:
Blues: Hooey, Samo, Kev, Rowdy
Reds: Phil, Wazza, Lloydy, Doc

Game 1

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