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Bedford and Henderson (Bob and Gerry) Cup
Season 1 2007 Grand Final:
Blues vs Reds.

June 9 2007
Bangkok Patana

Blues take the cup as Reds fall just short.

3 - 3 - 21
0 - 6 - 6
3 - 4 - 22
5 - 9 - 39
9 - 6 - 60
5 - 10 - 40
11 - 7 - 73
9 - 10 - 64

Blues - Dog 3, Mango 3, Viv 2, Sammo 2, Hamish
Reds - Rhino 5, Hollywod 2, Grizz 2

Match Report - First and last word to the winners, the Blues

A fantastic match in perfect conditions saw Alan 'Yoda' Sutherland's Blues withstand a terrific last quarter effort by Mark Robson's Red to go out winners by 9 points.

In the first quarter, the Reds chose to kick with the wind but the only goals came at the other end from Dog, Hamish, and Sammo. Inaccuracy in front of goals let the Reds down, kicking six behinds. Blues took a handy 15 point lead into the first break.

The second quarter saw the Reds come out firing, with Grizz dominating and Hollywood getting his hands on the ball. The Blues were second to the ball and were beginning to drop their heads, reminiscent of the final quarter of Match 8, and were kept to a solitary behind. Were it not for continued indifferent kicking, the Reds could have all but sewn up the match at half time. As it was, they took a tidy 17 point lead into the break.

Not sure if it was Dog's rev up or not, but it was a different Blues who came out for the third quarter. Mango, Sammo, Patto, and Dog were all contributors in a quarter that saw the Blues kick 6 goals to none. With a 20 point lead going into the final quarter, it almost seemed over...

But no-one gave that script to the Reds. Rhino, Cammo, and the other Reds runners put on a dazzling 10 minutes, with Rhino kicking four straight goals and the Reds re-taking the lead.

But the effort took its toll and the Blues were able to steady with the last two goals of the match to take it out by 9 points.

A great tussle in a stragely see-sawing affair, in which Rhino was deservedly awarded Man of the Match.

Congratulations to all Blues and thanks to Reds for a great match and season.

Season 1 2008 - Game Day 1
Season 2 2007 - Game Day 4 5 6 7 8 GF
Season 1 2007 - Game Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 GF
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