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Bedford and Henderson (Bob and Gerry) Cup
Season 1 2007 Game Day 1:
Blues vs Reds.

February 24 2007

Blues 8 - 5 - 53 defeated Reds 5 - 5 - 35

Match Report 1 - First word to the winners, the Blues

There had been mutterings of a mutiny in the Blues camp all week, thanks to our esteemed leader’s draft-day decision to not select his team on playing ability, but instead on availability. Those lucky, no, privileged enough to share a beer with Yoda after the previous weeks no-match were treated to an in-depth analysis of his selection policy. Needless to say, players who once thought they were be picked because of their on-field attributes were deeply disappointed to learn that it’s merely the shallowness of other social activities that got them a game with the Blues.

Doubts really should have been erased once we arrived at ISB to find we had a near full-strength side; suddenly it seemed Yoda knew what he was talking about. However, his new-found trust diminished as quickly as it arrived when it came to naming the team. Not only did he name Big Jeff in the ruck – despite the fact he was actually playing with the Reds – but he also struggled to count to 10, the number of players required on the field.

Despite this and possibly the most forgettable pre-game pep-talk in the history of sport, the Blues took to the field with quiet air of confidence. Our quiet air soon became a dour case of flatulence as it was squeezed out of us after Krusty took a strong contested mark and goaled after 2 minutes, leaving us soiled of pant and wondering how we would ever stop the behemoth in their goal square.

The blues managed to capitalised on their few forays forward and were only a goal behind at quarter time despite kicking into a tricky, if not strong, breeze. But with the wind at our backs, in our sails, and returning from the break with our well-earned quiet air of confidence (or WEQAC for the purists), things really came together for us. Lloydy was sensational and well-mannered in the centre, pouncing on loose balls and delivering well to running teammates. Yoda and Dog, despite the fact they’re as old as dirt, knocked up getting possessions and we found a useful addition to the team in the form of Luke – undoubtedly the sexiest man to ever ruck for the Tigers.

However, our toiling in the field did not earn us manna from heaven, and we went into the long break still behind, thanks in large to some soft goals.

They don’t call the third quarter the premiership quarter for nothing, technically, it doesn’t actually matter when you kick the goals, providing you do. But we took the old adage on board and with Sammo and Luke on the bench, it gave us the chance to come out steaming against the wind. And steam we did (what does that even mean?). Getting to the ball first , hitting hard in tackles and allowing Hollywood to play free across his own forward line, created many mistakes in the opposition camp, mistakes we capitalized on as Viv, the other Luke, and even rookie Bryan all made in-roads through the midfield, feeding our hungry forwards with serviceable delivery. All the hard work paid off with a 5 point lead at 3-quarter time and freshness in the legs not seen for a while.

The final quarter went as planned. Locking up the ball at stoppages, not allowing them to get a run on, and shutting down any run from Thwaita, allowed us to keep our noses in front until the final siren, extending our unbeaten run this season to 1 in-a-row.

A great result for the Blues after earlier concerns over our ability to stay competitive against a Reds team brimming with talent, but under the tutelage of the assumingly great Yoda, the Blues have nurtured a real team spirit. We don’t play for ourselves, we play for the jumper, for each other. We’re not a team of champions, we’re just a champion team. Sure, our average age is such that the Renaissance is something that didn’t just happen to other people, but there a wise heads on those old, decrepit bodies. And they’re the heads that will drive the Blues into a golden age of dominance – because we’re bloody reliable!

Match Report 2 - Last word to the losers , the Reds

What a game. We've had a good run. When composing a match report such as this it is simply a point of view, a memory. To put this in some sort of context I had one of our elite umpires approach me at the end of the game and say 'Hollywood, who was good today?' He also asked whether he was supposed to give 5 votes or one vote for the best player on the ground, which raises many questions about last season's best and fairest count.

Anyway, back to the game and the memories. Petrol (Chris Tweetie) was awesome, getting a lot of the ball early. Crusty looked solid. I heard whispers that he is the best full forward in the nation. I told these people to stop whispering as whispering is considered rude in some cultures, and they said 'Crusty is the best full forward in the nation.' Rhino was silky smooth. CJ was loose and getting a lot of movement with the new ball. Lloydy looked dangerous and acted so, a convincing performance in Oscar season.

That John bloke, JD they call him, he looked tough, a bit Aaron Hamill-esque, he was bumping guys around and effectively disposing of disposals. And what about Viv? He was looking sharp, bruising the leather with immense penetration (lock up your daughters). And Luke (the other one), is now showing week in week out that he can go places without his cousin, he's stepping up, looking greasy fast and controlling the game with two hands, two feet, eyes and a good footy brain and a voice, and stuff. Sammo looked good didn't he? He had it all. His long kicking and composure was a standout, what a player. Sammo is hungry for international fame and won't be relying on Miss Universe Thailand to get this job done.

What about Rowdy? He was ruthless in defence. He turned defence into attack, he backed himself and he looked good doing it (but a little bit too much like Luke Wilson for my liking).
Another bloke who stepped up was Rowey, Stephen Rowe. Tough as nails. Hailing from Ulverstone, Tasmania this young man reminded me of what football is really all about, not because of anything he did, but because he came up to me and said 'Hollywood, do you even know what football is all about?'

Patto, we're getting around him in Tiger land. He looked strong and hungry (going to the gym less and eating more might fix this). How many handballs did he get? As an opposition player I was sickened by this. Saul 'Warney' Morgan. What a show. 'King of the one percenters' was a term being bandied around .

Robbo. Easily the longest kick in the country, he has a 'sit back and be awestruck' attitude that inspires people to bust their hamstrings. In typical form on Saturday, he should play with a set of binoculars around his neck so he can see how far his kicks go.
Benny started to turn it on, adding a new weapon to his already stacked arsenal: the overhead mark. He kicked long, he looked strong, he was on song, and he'll play well against Hong Kong.
When the final siren sounded it was victory to the Blues, but what a top bunch of blokes to lose to.

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