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Bedford and Henderson (Bob and Gerry) Cup
Season 1 2007 Game Day 2:
Reds vs Blues.

March 3 2007
Bangkok Patana

Blues defeated the Reds by a truckload.

Match Report 1 - First word to the winners, the Blues

Still languishing in the glory that follows any domestic win. Perhaps a word from the winner once the euphoria subsides.

Match Report 2 - Last word to the losers , the Reds

What a game! Chicks love it, we love it, let's get around it.

Well it was another enthralling installment of Australian football at the Patana Sports Arena on Saturday. The Reds looked like they'd be short of numbers but Grizz's mate Dazza came all the way from Canada to play. Nick Bedford and his younger brother Robert showed up and threw on jumpers that were a really good fit, Sir Viv finally revealed he could play for both teams and after an inspirational address from stand in captain Chris 'Petrol' Thwaites and Ralph Lauren the Reds looked to put their season back on track.

Unfortunately for Chris 'Petrol' Thwaiter, this thirsty plan was thwarted thick and fast. Luke 'Jesus' Rogowski made Allan 'Hollywood' Sharman look like an idiot in the ruck. Kerry 'Kero' Dyke was a leather magnet and Michael 'Sammo' Sammons was keeping it together down forward. The Red's only highlights were the continued persistence of petrol and the mark and goal from debutant Nick Bedford.

Ralph Lauren and Petrol couldn't believe we were still in the game and wondered what had become of the team that were dubbed 'all-stars' on draft night just a few weeks earlier. Moves had to be made.

Krusty and Hollywood were reunited in the forward line. They turned it on. Krusty wasn't clowning around, goals were coming from everywhere. Greg Modra's other leg started to work and he single-handed brought the ball out of defense with both of his hands and a hand or two from Noodles, Jesus's boss Stu, and a swarm of other Reds who, through lack of memory) must remain nameless. Bob Bedford was running like an eagle, many fans were wondering why he couldn't give us one more show against the Warriors a week earlier. It was all go. Reds back in the game.

Third quarter. Reds flying. Canadian Dazza charging through the mid-field. Crusty was 'itching' to get more leather and he wasn't 'scratching' around. Two quick goals. On fire, going down to the wire, burning with desire, Krusty's about to retire. The Petrol vs Kero battle had ignited this game, fueling the match with a highly flammable contest. They provided the spark for the park, couldn't hear Dog's bark, Krusty could've kicked goals in the dark.

5 mins in Blues took over again. The reds had dug a big hole for themselves that only a large ladder or an equally effective escalator system could get them out of.

Fourth quarter. Blues again, all the way. What was with the Bonza Mango experiment? What about Alan 'Yoda' Sutherland's one handed mark of the century? But once again the Blues fell asleep, the Blues took a snooze, who's gonna lose? Any clues? Hollywood – bang, bang. Saul 'Sunny' Morgan – bang. Red's back in town. Ralphy was hittin' 'em hard like Ali, he was on song like Bob Marley, cruising round like a Harley; he'll play well against Bali.

But it was too little, too late; the Blues were too far ahead. It was time to have a beer and talk about how good we are.

Best players for the Reds: Gerry Henderson, Stephen Rowe, Colin Johnson, Ryan Collet, Cameron Sinclair

Best players for the Blues: None. It was the clock that beat us.

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