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Bedford and Henderson (Bob and Gerry) Cup
Season 1 2007 Game Day 3:
Blues vs Reds.

March 24 2007

Blues remain undefeated.

0 - 3 - 3
2 - 5 - 17
5 - 6 - 36
4 - 5 - 29
10 - 8 - 68
5 - 8 - 38
14 - 9 - 93
6 - 10 - 46

Blues - Patto 3, Lloydy 2, Wagga 2, Hamish, Kerry, Bruce, Big Jeff, Sammo, Yoda, Mango
Reds - Hollywood 2, Thwaiter 2, Stewie, Young Nick Bedford!

Match Report 1- First word to the winners, the Blues

The tone of the day was set early with Yoda insisting Big Jeff start in the centre - but not in the ruck! Fortunately, the other centremen had the good sense to ignore Yoda, sending Big Jeff straight to the forward line making everyone happy, especially Jeff.

But perhaps there was wisdom in Yoda's move, as the mutiny may well have unsettled the Blues. The Reds dominated the first quarter kicking with the wind. It was only poor shooting at goal that prevented them leading by four or five at the first break. Thwaiter was carving us up.

The second quarter saw a complete reversal. Getting first use of the ball from the centre through Jesus, and then old (young) Luke, and good work in the centre from mango, Wagga, and others, the Blues kicked five goals to two and to lead by a goal at the main break. The highlight for the Blues was a dynamite centre tap from Luke to Mango who steadied and drilled it home from at least 60 metres out - probably more.

With plenty of options with four on the bench, Yoda continued to make a truckload of moves in the second half, but despite his interference, the Blues managed to extend their lead in both the third and fourth quarters to come out convincing winners by eight goals.

No one individual stood out for the Blues. It was a workmanlike effort typical of what the Thailand Tigers deliver. For the Reds Thwaiter battled hard all day. Rhino had glimpses but seemed happiest lurking in the forward line, to the Blues delight!

Highlight of the second half was young Nick Bedford's goal. His first, I think. Although I could be wrong. He's showing a lot of poise playing wth the big boys.

The best aspect of the game was the numbers. With 31 players, we had 12 a side with 4 and 3 on the bench respectively. This allowed us to extend the quarters to 15 minutes, giving us a good hit out in preparation for the ANZAC Match in April.

Match Report 2 - Last word to the losers , the Reds


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