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Bedford and Henderson (Bob and Gerry) Cup
Season 1 2007 Game Day 4:
Reds vs Blues.

March 31 2007
Bangkok Patana

Blues humble winless Reds.

1 - 0 - 6
2 - 3 - 15
5 - 0 - 30
6 - 5 - 41
5 - 2 - 32
9 - 9 - 63
5 - 4 - 34
11 - 12 - 78

Blues - John Della Bosca 3, Luke McIntyre 2, Yoda 2, Mango 2, Dog, Jesus
Reds - Cammo, CJ, Noodles, Rhino. Michael

Match Report 1- First word to the winners, the Blues

Hmmm...nothing to say. Getting all a bit mundane, perhaps?

Match Report 2 - Last word to the losers , the Reds

Another good turnout in extremely hot conditions. We were able to play 12 a side with 2 or 3 each on bench.

The Reds were a little undermanned, with Thwaiter and Grizzly out, and Rhino playing with a leg injury, but the Blues were missing a few as well.

Robbo urged a bit more attack on the ball in the centre than was evident last week and the Reds started enthusiastically enough and despite being down by nine points at the break, we went into out huddle content with our first quarter. But for the fickle bounce of the ball, we could have been in the lead.

We let ourselves down with too little talk on the field, with three or four Reds getting caught with ball in situations that should have developed into attacking moves if teammates had used their voices.

The second quarter started with the same enthusiasm and we matched the Blues with 4 goals each. Plenty of voice and aggression from Bob Bedford and Ralph helped us be more competitive in the centre than was the case last week. Nick Bedford showed again he is not intimidated at all on the field.

Unfortunately, halftime was about when it all ended. Despite continued solid efforts by the backline, led by Robbo, and the midfielders, the Reds didn't trouble the scorers with goal in the second half and we went down by a disappointing 44 points which we don't really believe reflected our efforts. But you get that..

Cammo and CJ were also good for the Reds, but the best afield was defintely Patto for the Blues who popped up with ball through the centre and across half back line time and time again. Both Lukes and mango were also instrumental in the win, and JD popped up with a few goals.

Conditions were very difficult, being one of the hottest days at Patana for sometime, but that is what it will be like at Kanchanburi in a few weeks time, so it was a worthwhile hit out. There were also quite a few basic skills errors, including numerous out of bounds on the full kicks, prompting Dog to suggest a couple of skills sessiosn through the week might be in order.

That makes it 4 wins to nil, but the Reds are not demoralised (yet) and carry in the back of their minds the knowledge that the game that really counts is the Grand Final!


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