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Bedford and Henderson (Bob and Gerry) Cup
Season 1 2007 Game Day 5:
Blues vs Reds.

April 7 2007

Reds chalk up first win in a thriller.

3 - 3 - 21
2 - 1 - 13
6 - 6 - 42
5 - 4 - 34
7 - 11 - 53
9 - 4 - 58
10 - 13 - 73
12 - 6 - 78

Blues - Sammo 3, Dog 3, Patto 2, Yoda, Hamish
Reds - Tom 3, Newy 3, Cammo 2, Thwaiter 2, Rhino, BJ

Match Report 1- First word to the winners, the Reds

No word from the Red camp either, it seems?

OK...a few words from a totally unbiased witness...

Lower numbers this week probably due to the long weekend and school holidays at most international schools. We started with 10 a side, until injuries to both camps reduced that to 9 a side.

The Reds went in a lot more aggressively than they have in the last few weeks and clearly wanted to win this one to atone for four straight losses. New player Tom Chapman was a good focal point up foward and always went in hard. Newey and BJ showed new leases of life picking up kicks at will and racing around the ground like players 10 years their junior.

As the game wore on, the Reds eventually ground down the Blues, leading for the first time at the final change and then holding on in an even but fierce last quarter.

With essentially no interchange and 15 minute quarters on a hot, but fortunately overcast, day it was a great final hitout before the ANZAC Day Commemorative Match in two weeks time. Several experienced players were heard to say it was one of the best domestic games they had played in.

Match Report 2 - Last word to the losers , the Blues

There were mixed feelings when the Thailand Tigers international match committee approached the Blues during the week asking us to "lay down" in this one.

We could all see the sense in doing so. With the ANZAC match around the corner, it was clearly in the interests of all Thailand Tigers to see the Reds regain a measure of confidence that must have been sapped over the preceding four matches, but it was still a big ask. Yoda was initially delighted with the suggestion until it was pointed out to him that he is the Captain of the Blues, not the Reds as he seemed to think...

The first quarter was a disaster. We won the toss and kicked with a considerable wind and despite our best efforts, still went in at the first break 8 points up.

The second quarter wasn't much better. A couple of feigned injuries to Blues players didn't get the desired result, as the Reds nobly matched them with genuine injuries to their own players. We went into the major break maintaining our 8 point lead.

Clearly standing back from the packs and not chasing more than 5 metres was not going to be enough. Dropped marks and missed set shots would have to be the second half strategy, which many Blues managed quite convincingly indeed!

Success at last with the Reds 5 points at up at the final change. The lower team numbers certainly helped Yoda, impressing all Blues at three quarter time by correctly naming all nine Blues players without assistance, although he was still unable to name positions for each without duplications or omissions.

Taking the field feeling our task was complete, we were disappointed to discover no-one had told the Reds the fix was on, as they continued to go quite hard at the ball, which none of us really needed.

The Blues almost managed to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat when Dog marked 30 metres out directly in front on the final whistle. Fortunately Howard, clearly aware the fix was on, ruled the mark was after the whistle and the Reds wound up 5 point winners.

Anyway, bring on ANZAC Day...

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