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Bedford and Henderson (Bob and Gerry) Cup
Season 1 2007 Game Day 6:
Reds vs Blues.

May 19 2007
Bangkok Patana

Reds win in a close one.

12 - 12 - 84
12 - 7 - 79

Blues - Not sure. Wagga kicked a couple, at least.
Reds - Also not sure. Hollywwod defintely kicked 4. Some say Grizz kicked 5. Pretty sure Rhino kicked one.

(Sorry! Hope to have correct details by next week!)

Match Report 1- First word to the winners, the Reds

What a game! Kids love it, chicks love it! Chicks who don't love kids love
it! It was perhaps the best domestic season game that I've been part of
outside of the finals.

There were about 17 Aussie blokes on each team, 15 aside. It was a fast and
furious start in the first quarter. Grizz was carving it up after being a
controversial inclusion in the red side having been shunned by Red's
selectors during recent weeks.

Mark 'Robbo' Robson's raking drop punts along with Colin 'CJ' Johnson's
running drives out of the back line. Paired with the engine room of
'Petrol' Thwaites and 'Rhino' Collett, the Reds ensured a cohesive unit
throughout the first term. 'Hollywood' Sharman was shaky in front of goals
early but along with 'Grizz' Mellor, Big Tom, and Seksan did enough to give
the Reds a narrow lead at quarter time.

Second quarter 'Big Tom' and 'CJ' were in the ruck against 'Jesus'
Rogowski in the hallowed ruck position. 'CJ' was devout to the task and
did carry the ball like a sacred chalice in order to workship the Red
demons. Only divine intervention could be the saviour for the blues. Grizz
and Hollywood put on another couple of goals. The penetration on the end of
some of Grizz's kicks was so penetrative that Hollywood felt quite sore
afterwards. Saul 'Warney' Morgan was sensational in the guts. He was the
'king of the one percenters' and kicked a goal at some point which sent the
female fans fizzing.

The Reds were up by three goals at half time and quickly put on three goals
including a spectacular Hollywood boundary line snap at goal. Paul 'Arch'
Bawden and Gerald 'Hendo' Henderson turned back the clock and put on rock
solid performances after Wagga, Sammo and friends tried to steal the
momentum away from the Reds. Also in the thick of things in the third,
thwarting the onslaught was Thwaiter 'Petrol' Thwaites. Narrowly ahead at
the final break, the reds now looked courageously to hold on to their first
'true' victory of the season.

Another attack from Wagga was weathered and with some loose goals kicked by
the reds forwards after an ingenious master stroke of captaincy by Robbo by
putting Rhino in the forward line to help seal the game. Anyway the reds
won that's all. The only difficulty the Reds had throughout the game was
containing the elusive Ben 'Mango' Will who was almost impossible to man up
on, moving so fast that we could barely see him even though his play was
quite transparent - it's almost as if he wasn't there. The Reds had shitloads
of good players, sorry if I've missed some names, Stu was awesome too,
Noodles was the heart and soul, Warney Morgan won the beer voucher for the
'one percenters' whilst Grizz and Hollywood finished with 5 and 4 goals

Unfortunately 'Ralphy' didn't play for the reds but was available for all
sing alongs later that night, with a big Tigers turnout at the Office and
Down Under Bar. It was good to see some of the Tigresses out also.

Match Report 2 - Last word to the losers , the Blues

Not much to say.

We can't try that 'we lay down in the interests of the club' line two losses running.

Great turnout. 33 or 34 players. Got to be a record.

Great contest. Wagga was sensational in the last quarter and we almost stole it.

But not to be...

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