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Bedford and Henderson (Bob and Gerry) Cup
Season 1 2007 Game Day 7:
Blues vs Reds.

May 26 2007
Bangkok Patana

Rhino inspired Reds over-run tired Blues.

9 - 4 - 58
15 - 9 - 99

Blues - Darren 3, Wagga 3, Ultan, Mango, Big Jeff
Reds - Rhino 6, Hollywood 4, Thwaiter 2, Grizz

(Sorry again for any errors!)

Match Report 1- First word to the winners, the Reds

What a game! The Tigers love it, the sponsors love it, get around us.

It was a different style of game this week. It wasn't pretty football but there was a great deal of desperation which showed ominous signs for July.

The Blues lead the whole first half (again) with Sammo, Mango, Jesus and co having a real dip. The Reds really focused on the one percenters with guys like young Tom Chapman and Cammo especially, really stepping up. Chris 'Petrol' Thwaiter yet again survived a serious neck injury/decapitation for the 23rd successive week, but that's the gutsy way he plays his footy and that's why we love him.

It was neck and neck at half time.

Then came the Ryan Collette show. He single handedly, with the help of his teammates, turned on a show in the 3rd, kicking 4 in the quarter and almost putting the game out of their reach. New bloke 'Wazza' was impressive on debut taking several long runs out of the backline and clearing the ball out of the danger zone. 'Robbo' wasn't afraid to take on the backmen either with a few charges out of the goal square, and with CJ taking grabs and moving it through the midfield, the 4th quarter felt like it was going to be a mere formality.

This was the case, as the reds continued to to kick away in the final term. The one thing that stood out was blokes getting on the deck and getting a fist or a finger on the ball to get it to their mate, it can be a game of inches and this week, in the showers Grizz showed it could be a game of ten. In the end Rhino ended with 7 majors, Hollywood 4, and Grizz and 'Petrol' Thwaiter had a couple also. Tom Chapman won the 'One Percenters' award.

Match Report 2 - Last word to the losers , the Blues

Again not much to say!

After a solid first three quarters, we let ourselves down badly in the last.

Whether it was lack of fitness, injuries, or just the very hot day, we didn't run it out at all. All credit to Reds who kept hard at it to the final siren.

Virtual silence from the Blues on field didn't help much either.

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