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Bedford and Henderson (Bob and Gerry) Cup
Season 1 2008:
Blues vs Reds.

April 3 2008
Bangkok Patana

Round Seven

Last chance at redemption for the Reds before the Grand Final. After 6 straight losses the Reds had one final chance to gain some crucial confidence for the season decider, or else the Blues would win their 7th consecutive, and go into this weekend overwhelming favorites to complete a clean-sweep of the season.

A hot blustery day greeted the combatants at Pattana as 10 players from each team donned their respective Red and Blue guernsey’s ready for battle. The club welcomed back Robbo from his sebaticle in Australia, and although he reckons he isn’t match-fit at the moment, it was great to have him back watching over proceedings.

A filthy maggot got the game underway by throwing the sherrin up in a 45-degree angle and away we went. A very even first half produced only a handful of goals. Thwaiter playing at full forward was proving a difficult match-up for the Blues, and with Hollywood and Skinny finding plenty of the footy early, the Reds had some early momentum. As always, Rex and Hooey were keeping the Blues in the contest and only a kick separated the teams at half time.

The second half opened up a bit more as players from both teams tired in the heat, and with only 10 a side, there was a lot of ground to cover. Skinny seemed to be covering it the best on this day, as he continually won the footy all over the ground and provided the Reds with the impetus needed to edge ahead. The Messiah was playing one of his better games for the Blues and was proving to be a hard man to get past. Tuck (CHF) and Ando (CHB) were having a great battle all day, both taking great grabs and eventually splitting the honors on the day.

But Saul was playing a beauty in defense, and continually repelled the Blues forward attacks and setup numerous forward advances for the Reds. Stew was providing a great option through the middle of the ground, but Hollywood was the everywhere man, running hard from defense to be a scoring option up forward, and eventually declaring to Patto at ¾ time “Play me up forward if you want. I’ve got a feeling I’m not going to miss anything today!”

With this sort of confidence brimming, and a 2-goal lead going into the last, the Reds hung on to win their first for the season. CJ toughed it out carrying the ruck-work for the majority of the day and lifting his team in the last quarter with some great marks under pressure. Thwaiter kicked his fourth halfway through the last to seal the game and post a much-needed win for the Reds.

Final scores:
Reds 11.3 (69) def. Blues 7.10 (52)

Reds: Thwaiter (4), Hollywood (4), Patto (2), Stew
Blues: Doc (2), Jimmy (2), Hooey, Ando, Noodles

Best Players:
Reds: Hollywood, Skinny, Saul, Thwaiter
Blues: Jesus, Hooey, Noodles

Season 1 2008 - Game Day 1 2-6 7 GF
Season 2 2007 - Game Day 4 5 6 7 8 GF
Season 1 2007 - Game Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 GF
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