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Bedford and Henderson (Bob and Gerry) Cup
Season 1 2008 Reds vs Blues:

March 26 2008

Due to having too many reports overlooked this domestic season, instead of trying to remember each, I’ll provide a run-down of the season so far..

For one team in particular, everything is coming up Blue at the moment. Undefeated since the now infamous re-draw at the beginning of the season, and looking like running away with a clean-sweep of the comp. Even with the recent departure of the newly installed skipper Mango, the Blues continue to dominate each game (although the margins have been shrinking).

Leading the way, and recently appointed stand-in captain, Jarred Rexilius (Rex) has been outstanding thus far. Continually winning the hard-ball and supplying his teammates with accuracy, or finishing through the big sticks himself. Always the danger man in the last quarters when the game is on the line.

Recruit of the year Damien Hoo (Hooey) was certainly a great pick-up for Mango, and after starting out brilliantly has continued to improve. Very versatile but predominantly playing through the midfield, Hooey has become a ball magnate and sets-up the majority of the Blues forward attacks.

Unfortunately another of the stand-out Blues players this season has left prior to the final. Reigning B&F Michael ‘Sammo’ Sammons has been thrown around the ground again this year, but whether full-forward or full-back, he seems to have the same dominant influence. Lightning quick and reads the play beautifully, Sammo will be sorely missed.

Other notable Blues performers start with Rowdy who is having his best season to date. Now the mainstay of the Blues ruckmen, Rowdy has been everywhere of late, even managing to snag a few goals on the run. His ruckwork has been superb, regularly giving the Blues midfield first use of the Sherrin. Another new recruit, Paul Anderson, starred in a few games he has played. Contributing a decent swag full of goals in each appearance. Ando looks a very handy pick-up for the Thaigers. Carl ‘J-Lo’ Stephens is becoming a much improved player, and solid form from Rhino and Yoda has added to the Blues dominance.

On the other side of the comp, the Reds have been close in nearly all games, but haven’t been able to muster all their fire-power together in one game as yet, and generally have been overrun on the second half. The games have become very close and hard-fought encounters the last 3 weeks, however the mental hurdle of continued defeats seems to weight them down when a game is to be won.

Not without their own solid contributors though, as several Reds have had great seasons despite the lack of a win. Robbie Cunningham was until his recent shoulder injury, the stand-out Red. Constantly repelling the Blues attacks with his ferocious attack on the footy and drive out of the backline. Hopefully Rob can get himself up for the ANZAC match in a months time! Also displaying solid form this season has been David Baguely. Baggers has made the forward line his own this season, and will be a key man in the Reds hopes for the Grand Final.

Also up forward, Roger Sefton and Rupert ‘Tuck’ Hunt have found their place in the Reds lineup. Since he was brought out of defense ‘Sefto’ has been a very handy medium sized forward, capable of taking some solid grabs and providing strong leads, and also sneaking a couple of crumbing goals. While Tuck has had to play everywhere from ruck, to center half-back and center half-forward, he has always found plenty of the footy and provides a great target with his towering grabs.

The most recent domestic encounter saw season-best games from a number of Reds. Hollywood, Thwaiter, Saul and Kerry all produced their best performances so far in a positive sign for the Reds. Throw in new recruit Aaron ‘Aggots’ Klutke, who has been an excellent pick-up lately with his aggression around the packs and terrific tackling pressure, and Reds will have much more confidence in the remaining matches.

So with only one domestic game remaining before the Grand Final, the Reds are looking for that first win, while the Blues hope to continue their hot form and hang on for 2 more games. It’s getting pretty exciting, pretty close in score, and some excellent football has been on display.

Also, these last 2 weeks are the final chance to get in some form before we travel to Kanchanaburi for the ANZAC match against the Bintangs. Obviously with a big squad to select from, those who have been at the most domestic matches will be given preference at selection. Lets aim to have everyone fit and ready to go!




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