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Bedford and Henderson (Bob and Gerry) Cup
Season 2 2007 Grand Final:
Blues vs Reds.

November 5 2007
Bangkok Patana

Scintilating Firsty Quarter Sees Blues Dispatch Reds.

13 - 5 - 83
3 - 5 - 23

Im gunna get on the piss while Im on the piss and do a Noodles Report. Did you know that the first olympic games ever held were played naked. Fricken wogs

Well it was a great day for a great game of the great game to be played on. The weather was just fine.

The wind was cruising to the easten end of the ground. A great crowd about 50 or so. and two good umpires, and goal umpires. I dont know what was what. It was a 14 a side or something like that. It was also a grand final of the great game.

The Reds were kicking with the wind in the first. So they wre kicking to the top end of the ground where the sun comes up from.

The ball was thrown up and away we went. Dog always says let em know why youre here in the first 5 minutes of the game. While Dog was doing that Sammo off 1/2 back, Benny and Rhyno showed off their skills. Newy and JD also did well presenting them selves and Kerry was getting any thing that was left over. The whole Blues team wanted some part of the action. They were up 7 sraight to 1 point at 1/4 time. Great effort. Great footy.

The second 1/4 the Reds woke up Hendo got changed and and had a go. They actually won the 1/4 kicking 1 goal 2 points to 1 point. Thwaiter and a couple of ring inns did pretty well. It was good footy.

Well, Cappy Patty was not a happy chappy at 1/2 time. Gave out some strict guide lines and the Blues got back op top. Well done Patto. Rhyno and Dog had the whole forward line to themselves and the Reds could not work out who was on Mango. The back line for the Blues was doing well also to clear the ball as the Reds were having a fairdinkum go with Cammo trying his guts out and a few other guys were actually influencing thier team mates on.The Blues kicked 4 1 to the Reds 1 1 in that 1/4 which was the third 1/4.

On to the last 1/4. I really cant remember But the Blues ran out winners. 13 5 83 to 3 5 23. No waves out back and thats that.

Pressure Pack One percenter Votes

5 Mango. Jut a juck 16 day ab training program has changed his footy. Growing up??????

4 Dog. Goes longer than 5 minutes.

3 Sammo. Just wants to play footy.

2 Rhyno. has to get up to standard.

1 Thwaiter. Because.

Unlucky vote getters.

Bags For the Reds.

High lights.

Ive got tomorrow off.

Surfing Tip.

There is a point of no return.

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