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Bedford and Henderson (Bob and Gerry) Cup
Season 2 2007 Game Day 5:
Reds vs Blues.

October 6 2007
Bangkok Patana

Blues defeated the Reds 15 . 9 . 99 to 7 . 6 . 48

Plenty of stars were absent from both teams today as 20 Thaigers dusted off the hangovers from a very successful Grand Final Day function and trekked out to Pattana for Game 5. Ten-on-ten made for an open contest as all players found plenty of space around the ground in a fast-paced, free flowing contest. Both Captains were out of action too, with Patto coaching from the sidelines, and Chappo MIA with work committments (or is he still too embarrased to show himself after being unable to back-up for GF day last week?).

The game got underway none-the-ness with the resident Moonshine superstar, Hollywood Sharman, taking over captaincy duties and duly plonking himself at full forward. The reds got off to the best possible start also, with Leviathon ruckman Dags clearing the first centre bounce to a running Cammo who found new recruit Robbie and was able to slot through the first goal. After that the blues midfield woke up to Dags centre bounce dominance and were able to shark a few off him. Added to that was a revitalised Blues forward setup, that welcomed for his first game this season Big Stewie Massey, who out-marked, out-bodied, and out manouvered several opponents to provided a strong target in the goal square.

On the possession side, Mango was everywhere, Saul was winning the ball at ground level, Yoda was showing some impressive form back from injury, and Lloydy seemed to have it on a string. Including 2 centre clearances where he bounced his way from the centre to goal. For the reds, Roger (needs a nickname) Sefton was clearing the ball regularly from defence and Cammo was winning most of their possessions. Young Nick Bedford was showing his old man how to tackle fairly, then Bedford senior showed how to tackle and draw blood. But they were lacking willing teammates as the Blues took a 6 goal advantage into halftime.

The second half was more of the same, Mango dominating around the ground as he setup countless scoring opportunities with his run from the wings. Sammo started to dominate out of the backline running through the lines and pin-pointing several passes through the middle of the ground. Big Stew slotted home his fourth for the afternoon, Noodles added a couple of clever goals, and Yoda ran himself into some form with a couple of his own. Lloydy and Saul continued to dominate in the middle as the blues rotated their ruckman from Sammo, to Rowdy, to Slimey, and even Bruce was given a run in the guts (much to his reluctance).

Hollywood brought himself into the middle to try and get the Reds going, and Chatters late inclusion into the game gave them a marking target and some forward line know-how. Dags and Bob Bedford were fired up and throwing themselves into everything. Nick Bedford shows improvement every time he plays and snagged another goal today, and Irish Robbie was also finding plenty of the Sherrin, but with several of their better players missing, they just couldn't finish off their hard work and convert on the scoreboard.

Final scores:
BLUES 15 9 99
REDS 7 6 48

Best players
Blues: Mango, Lloydy, Rowdy, Stew & Sammo.
Reds: Cammo, Dags, Nick B, Robbie & Roger.

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