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Bedford and Henderson (Bob and Gerry) Cup
Season 2 2007 Game 6:
Blues vs Reds.

October 13 2007
Bangkok Patana

Mango & Friends Runs Amok As Blues Pummel Reds.

23 - 15 - 153
5 - 5 - 35

Unfortunately as the season nears its conclusion, fewer and fewer players are turning up to each match. 8 on 8 for Game six, on a heavy track suiting the mudlarks. President Rhinoceros saw the boggy southern end of the ground, coupled with the smallish attendance, and used his influence to have the ground shortened. A chain-smoking hobbit was called out, dragging his sledgehammer, and the Reds v Blues got underway on a 120m sprinters pitch.

A Dog had a whistle in its mouth, shaking its head at the inept size of the ground, as the blues got off to a flyer.. One tap, one handpass, one bounce, GOAL! This was repeated 4 more times in quick succession leaving Reds supporters, who had traveled for hours carrying hand-painted effigies of their favorite player, crying out "HOLLYWOOD... WHY HAVE THOU FORESAKEN US??"

It didn't get much better for the reds in the second quarter, as firstly Brendon 'The Hawk' Mayne went to ground and couldn't return, closely followed by Bob Bedford, whose back went into lockdown after landing awkwardly in a ruck contest. He was in a great deal of pain, but apparently not enough to earn the sympathy of young Nick B, who lent over the great Tigers war-horse and whispered "get up! You're embarrassing the family".

The Hawk was in a similar way with a torn calf muscle, hobbling around the boundary after a promising start to the game. It needs to be noted that it is each teams responsibility to nurse their players back to fitness after injury, especially leading up to an international fixture. The Hawk can play, and we need these experienced blokes out there on the field in Vietnam. Therefore a roster system needs to be drawn up amongst the Reds players, taking it in turn to rub the semen from a Scandinavian hermaphrodite into the torn calf muscle. This is the only known cure to get over such an injury within 3 weeks. (If you're lazy and want to aim for 4 weeks, just use tiger balm). No complaints either.. as the Blues have their own injury concerns. I can't see too many volunteering to nurse Yoda's groin which he pulled on Saturday. Actually I think it was closer to Sunday morning, and someone might have pulled it for him.

Meanwhile, Mango, Rhino, Kerry and co, were having a field day, peppering the goals with reckless abandon. The highlight coming from Seksan who managed to post his first ever goal in Aussie Rules Football. The situation was grim for the reds, and the Dog dropped his whistle and called both teams together for a half-time rev-up, focusing on the need to fight the game out to the end. To their credit the reds responded and managed to put some score on the board, and stemmed the flow of blues goals. However there was still a trickle, and the Blues just had too many scoring options with Mango (8 goals), Rhino (6), Noodles (3), and several other contributors taking the game out of the Reds control.

The reds had several of their better players unavailable for this contest, however the Blues were far from full strength also, and with Vietnam looming large in the eyes of the selectors, domestic appearances are VITAL! We are all aware of people’s responsibilities to work & family, and hopefully the last 2 weeks has just been a case of a lot of us having these other commitments. However it is a great thing to be able to play a game we all love in a place far removed from its heritage. Lets not neglect this privilege. MAKE AN EFFORT, PLEASE!

Best Players (combined): Mango, Lloydy, Rhino, Dags, Kerry.

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