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Bedford and Henderson (Bob and Gerry) Cup
Season 2 2007 Game 7:
Blues vs Reds.

October 20 2007
Bangkok Patana

Mango Makes It 14 In 2 As Blues Continue Domination.

12 - 8 - 80
4 - 6 - 30

Also returning to the Tigers was Bangkok’s favourite spine adjuster – Bob Clarke – who came down for a run whilst on holidays visiting family. And just as well too from the blues point of view, as with several of their taller players absent from the line-up, it looked like Noodles was going to have to carry the ruck duties for the day.

The game got underway with 12 a side, and for the first 10 minutes, neither side was able to score in what was a fierce early contest. The reds had a distinct height advantage up forward and had the luxury of being bale to play Hollywood in the backline on the dangerous Blues livewire Rhino. Both defenses seemed to be controlling the play for their respective sides and only 3 goals were scored in the 1st quarter, with the Reds taking a 2 goal to 1 lead.

More of the same in the second, with both the teams midfields winning plenty of the footy but unable to find winning targets in the forward line. For the Blues, JP, Noodles, Saul and Patto seemed to have the Reds forwards covered with the exception of Neng, who was popping up all over the ground with his blistering pace and ferocious attack on the footy. At the other end, Hollywood was playing a beauty on Rhino, and also assisted manfully by Irish Robbie, Roger Sefton, and big Coxy who was playing a blinder. Goals were proving hard to come by, but a couple from the Blues midfield in Mango and Yoda, matched a clever goal by the Reds from Nick Bedford, and at halftime the game was pretty closely tied up.

With some tiring bodies, the second half opened up a bit, and more space could be found. The Blues seemed to have the better midfield and were able to take advantage. In particular was Mango again, who opened up the game with his running down the wings and accurate goal kicking from a distance. Coupled with Lloydy’s hard running and Noodle’s and Yoda’s experience, the Blues were able to find avenues to goal. The Reds probably had equal possession, and fierce determination from Chappo and Cammo, but were unable to get past the impenetrable force of JP on the last line, who was picking up the ball with one hand, and fending off would-be tacklers with the other.

In the end, one or two players were the difference that enabled the Blues to secure their 3rd win in a row. Mango with 6 goals was hard to stop, and makes it 14 from the past two games.

Final scores, Blues (80) defeated the Reds (30).

Best Players:
Blues: JP, Mango, Noodles, Saul, and Clarky.
Reds: Neng, Hollywood, Sefto, Coxy, and Jesus.

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