AFL Grand Final Asia, Bangkok - Thailand

The social event of the year is coming up (well the Asian Champs will be hard to beat, ... more

2011 Asian AFL Champs - Bangkok, Thailand

The Asian Champs are on their way to Bangkok Thailand for the second time over ... more

AFL Footy Pattaya Cup 2011

Thailand Tigers play against the Cambodia Cobras in Pattaya on the 3rd & 4 ... more

Anzac Day Match 2011 - Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Once again the Thailand Thaigers are hosting the inaugural Anzac Day - Australia ... more

AGM - New Committee Members

Congratulations to all those Tiger committee members elected at last Friday’s successful AGM. Stephen Richards (Rowdy) takes over the Presidency from Andy Teague and Alistair Plyers (Maggot) will assume the Membership role. Those elected into committee positions are: Positions President Stephen Richards (Rowdy) Vice President Geoff Everett (Dog) Secretary Tony Carter (Skirts) Operations Tim Moore (Noodles) Social/GF coordinator Saul Morgan Membership Alister Plyers (Maggot) Secretary Paul Anderson (Ando) Sponsorship Andrew Cox (Coxey) Webmaster Trent Smith (Smitty) Coach David Paterson (Patto) Tour coordinator Andy Teague (Teagy)


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Tenderloins Soi 31 Bangkok

Expat Property Planners

Bistro 33 - Soi 33 Bangkok
Jim Beam Bangkok
Intrepid Travel
Bangkok Hospital

Australian Chambers Commerce Thailand

Kite - Creative Agency Bangkok

Paterson Fine Jewellery

Urban Real Estate


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