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Tigers field cricket team in the off-season

Last weekend saw The Thailand Tigers put together an elite squad of athletes to participate in the Southerners 6’s Cricket Tournament. This annual event organized by Tigers member Vaughan McClear is a 6 a side format played out at the rejuvenated Harrow International School fields, comprising 12 teams mainly from around Thailand provinces, plus a couple of special guest teams..

The Tigers team was once again organized by Ralphy who handed over the Captaincy duties to Nathan Kincaid, and together they drafted such talented cricketers as Dog, Noodles, Sefto, Patto, Rex, and Maddon (no, I’ve never heard of him either!).

The mighty Tigers were proving too good in the round robin stage of the tournament, as they breezed through their first two games against established cricketing sides. Kincaid and Sefton were proving a reliable opening combination, while Patto was doing the damage with the ball, clearly proving himself as the best bowler in the competition.

On day 2, after an exciting draw to qualify for the finals, captain Kincaid showed some arrogance by resting strike bowler – Paterson – and promoting Noodles into the lineup. This dangerous move paid off as the Tigers easily accounted for the Village Cricketers to progress to the semi’s, however it left the massive crowd who had only come out to see Patto ‘The Champ’ in action, bitterly disappointed.

In the semi-final the Tigers came up against tournament favorites, The Southerners’ Gold. The Tigers had done their homework in the event of this match-up, and while Ralph, Dog and Noodles showered together back at Ralphys place after the first day, the other members of the team entertained the key players of the Southerners’ team in some of Bangkok’s more salubrious establishments. Unfortunately the old trick of trying to get your opponents horribly drunk on cheap scotch only works if you abstain from the drink yourselves, or at least drink less.. This proved not to be the case though, as the Tigers party threw their carefully constructed plan out the window as each round of CC & dry was ordered.

So as both teams approached the semi-final bleary eyed and a bit wobbly, it was going to be a hard ask to knock over the form side. Paterson was naturally re-introduced to the starting line-up (to the huge roar of the wanting crowd), however Kincaid again failed by opening the bowling with Maddon and Ralphy. After their first 2 overs were dispatched for a combined 36 runs, the damage had been done. Patto naturally curtailed their run-scoring in the 4th over with his tight line and sharp turning deliveries, but the damage had been done with the Southerners’ posting 82 off their 5 overs.

Kincaid and Sefto battered well in reply, trying to erase the deficit, but it was an insurmountable total, and the Tigers went down with only 50 runs on the board. Not sure who won the event in the end, as once the pads were off, the Tiger beer cans were out and heckling the remaining players took centre stage.

Huge thanks to ‘Uncle’ Vaughan for organizing what is becoming a very popular annual event. And thanks also to Ralphy and Kinky for putting a Tigers side together.

See you next year cricketers!


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