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Despite Bowing Out Tigers Netball Celebrate A Successful Season:
December 19 2007

Mad Dogs (20) def. Tigers Black (7)

After a big weekend that included the Thailand Tigers presentation night (with Black girls Kath Pace taking out the Carlene Whitten “Put Your Asset On The Line” Award and Liz Player winning the Netballer of the Year trophy) Tigers Black were pumped for the finals on Monday night. The bench also attested to this with 5 extra players ready to take the court.

The first match was always going to be tough, as we were playing the number one team in our division, Mad Dogs. The first half was a really tight contest seeing the Blacks playing well but unfortunately this wasn’t reflected on the scoreboard, with the Mad Dogs acquiring a sizeable lead.

After half time we had fresh legs with 4 girls coming off the bench, but it wasn’t enough to stop the rabid Mad Dogs. After beating us comprehensively they went on to take out the competition in our division, and as a result will be promoted to the 1st Division. Congratulations Mad Dogs!

Captain Robson was ominous as goal keeper while maintaining her sense of humour, and Sarah & Libby were relentless. With 11 players it’s hard to mention everyone, but they all played a great game, despite the loss.

Soi8 (8) def. Tigers Black (7)

This was a very close, hard fought game, which saw Soi 8 beating the Tigers Black by the narrowest of margins. Soi 8 were down one player after an injury and the well-stocked Tigers bench looked every which way but up as they called around for another player. They finally found one in the form of a Londoner girl, a somewhat controversial move considering 1st Division girls aren’t allowed to play in 2nd division.

Robson moved into Goal Defense for this game, with Carlene doing a great job as Goal Keeper. Isla was consistently awesome in the centre, and Marta and Jacqui did a great job attacking and shooting. Liz’s enthusiasm saw 3 contacts awarded against her, at least one of which was RUBBISH (not only was the umpire unsighted, but Liz maintains she’s roughed up her opponents much worse than that without penalty.)

The team was shocked to witness a repeat of the injury she sustained in Hanoi to pocket rocket Kath Pace, which confirmed her as a worthy recipient of the Put Your Asset On The Line Award. However we breathed a collective sigh of relief to see that it was not her ring finger that was damaged, considering her pending nuptials.

Southerners Black 20 def. Tigers Gold 4
Well with many of the team still suffering from the excesses of the weekend’s antics and the fearless Captain coming down with a cold, the Golds were feeling a little less than 100% for their semi-final game against the Southerners Blacks.
The Southerners entered the semis unbeaten for the season and gathering for a pre-game pep talk, the Golden Girls knew they would all have to give their best, keep their passes direct, maintain tight defence and nail all their goals to be in with a chance; and hangover aside, they believed they were!
During the first half the Tigresses entered the game a little intimidated, which let the Southerners work the court and direct the game their way, leaving the Golds playing catch up.   With the Golds defenders a little rattled by the height of the Southerners shooters, and the tight defence by the Southerners Blacks under the ring keeping the ball out of Liv and Vron’s hands in goals, the Golds switched things up at half time.  Determined to bring them selves back into the game the girls decided to play like they really meant it!
Warming up to the spirit of the competition and finally finding our rhythm, the Golds pulled together in the second half to give the Southerners a run for their money.  Ramone and Roisin in defence helped to slow the feed of the ball into the Southerners goals, but once the ball was there the Southerners shooters were 100% accurate and unfortunately the Golds goalers just couldn’t match it. Jumping Joey sweated out the entire game in centre and Amazing Anna and Notorious Nikki did an amazing job covering the wings all game too.
Despite giving their best and matching the Southerners girls with their skills on court,   of one of our best games of the season.
Congratulations to the Southerners Blacks, the well deserved competition winners who went on to take out the Premiership against the worthy opponents of Transpo in the grand final.
Tigers Gold (14) def  NIST (8)  
After the disappointment of the loss to the Southerners (and sweating out a bit of booze) the Golds were fired up and ferociously determined to win the play off for 3rd place.
Appreciative of the break between games, the Golden Girls took time out to support the Tigers Black team in their semi match cheering from the sidelines whilst mentally preparing to take on another tough team- the serious and seasoned NIST.
The Goldies took off to a great start in the play off, focused and sensationally together for the first time in weeks, they controlled the pace and flow of the game to play possibly their best match of the season.
NIST were fit and fierce and played a fast and sometimes rough game but this week the Golds wouldn’t be shaken, with everyone putting in their best and passing straight and direct: no lobs finally!
Nikki, the most vertically challenged member of the Golden team made some excellent interceptions turning the centre pass back in favour of the Golds on numerous occasions.  The other girls in defence also developed springs for legs which kept the ball away from the NIST shooters.  
In attack the formidable force of Joey and Anna managed to keep feeding the ball into Vron and Liv in goals in the minimal amount of passes, and the Golden goalers finally found their sweet spot and converted every time. Tigers Gold soaked up the supportive cheers from the Blacks on the bench and stepped up to show NIST what they were made of.
A fast and passionate game by both teams with the Golds gloriously and graciously coming out victorious 3rd placed on the ladder for their first season in the BNL: “ Well done Tigresses!
No matter if they won or lost though both the Tigers Blacks and Golds were still the best looking teams on court! For that we have to thank the amazing founder of the Thailand Tigers Netball Team Mrs Olivia Thwaites! Thanks Liv for leading both the Tigers teams to finals places in their first season, putting in countless hours and emails organizing trainings, social functions, tours, umpires to cover our BNL obligations and most importantly designing and producing our fabulous black and gold uniforms, the envy of all the BNL!
Wishing everyone a fabulous safe and happy Xmas season where ever in the world you may be spending it and here’s to taking it one step further next season and coming out Premiers! See you all next season!!

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