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Tigers Black Up In A Thriller;
Sharp Shooting Southerners Too Good For Gold:
February 25 2008

Southerners (43) def Tigers Gold(21)

Both teams started out strong on Monday night, despite the Tigers’ big weekend with Kath’s Hen’s night on Saturday & 3 Tigers’ birthdays on Sunday. Missing one girl, a huge thank you to our fill in, Jenni from Queen Vic.

With exceptional performances from the tigress defence Nikki, Anna and Penny the Southerners were kept at bay in the first quarter.
By the 2nd quarter we were still feeling confident as the goals were going in but we were slowly falling behind. It seemed we didn’t bring our mojo with us to this game and our claws were replaced with butter fingers, the tigress were slowly succumbing to the diabolical Southerners talent.
After some half time looks of bewilderment we soldiered on but the claws were still in hiding. Southerners’ shooters were proving to be too strong and literally not missing a goal as Joey, V-ron and Liv we were struggling to keep the ball in the tigress attack.
After a stronger last quarter there were glimmers of the real Goldies but it wasn’t enough bring the game home.
Mai ben rai, the finals are coming and we’ll show everyone what we’re truly made of then.
But for now, congratulations to the Southerners for yet another huge win.

Tigers Black (18) def Southerners White (16)

It was with no small amount of trepidation that the Tigers Black faced their nemesis Southerners White on Monday, having suffered defeat at their hands twice already this season. To add to our woes we were missing one player, so team members were rotated into unfamiliar positions to cover the shortage.
Stepping onto the court though we were delighted to see that the Southerners were also down 1 girl, so both teams proceeded without a WD (obviously a very important position all the same. Ahem.) Tigers Black came out roaring however, and it felt like we had two extra players instead. Libby was running amok in Centre, Liz was going to town in WA not missing having an opponent, while newcomer Stacey was a goal shooting revelation. Our attack was so strong that we held them back to two goals to our first quarter 10, meaning that Cap’n Robson was able to enjoy a quiet shandy in goal keep as she watched the proceedings at the other end of the court.
The next 2 quarters were pretty equal; Libby took a rest from Centre in WA, while Liz tried on the Centre bib for the first time. At half time the Southerners had an extra girl turn up, and just as we thought we’d be in trouble, one of their other girls rolled their ankle and had to take a rest. Awesome! (For us, more so than them.)
Still leading by 7 goals at the start of the last quarter, the Tigers were now facing a full Southerners side, which included their fantastic Centre, who wouldn’t be out of place in the 1st Division. They came back strong, and it was all we could do to hold them off. However their late surge was not enough and we hung on to win by 2 goals. Well done to our B&F for the night, Libby, who played on despite jarring several fingers, and a big welcome to Stacey, who can shoot goals for us anytime – as long as we are playing at 8pm!


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