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Tigers Gold Show Good Form;
Black Impress Despite Defeat:
4 February 4 2008

Tigers Gold (35) vs Transpo (21)

Monday night was a very big game for the Golds who were set to face the previous season’s second best team. We were definitely ready though especially with the moral boast of welcoming back V-ron to the team after a few games out for injury!

As expected the game started off very close, the teams going goal for goal for sometime. Once quarter time hit, which was actually half time due some mishap with timing, we were too focused to even check the score!

The pressure was on but we held it together for the most part, although, we definitely like to make each other work for ball, with each team member powering the ball down the court. Fortunately more often than not the ball made it into the circle and was converted by either V-ron or Liv!

By the end of the 3rd quarter we were feeling confident and had crept into the lead. Rookie Penny also proved herself to be a big asset to the Golds by showing her skills in defense combined with the ever dominant Ramone.

In the last quarter, we were in cruise control and enjoying a good game against a great opposition.

The Gold Tigers are beginning to emerge as a force to be reckon with… grrr... !!!


Londoners (29) vs Tigers Black (19)

Tigers Black knew they’d be in for a tough match against Londoners, who came second in last season’s competition, and as a result should have been elevated to 1st Division. However, the team wasn’t really keen on the ultra “competitive spirit” that permeates said Division, so campaigned to stay where it’s nice and friendly with our lot. They were however one player short, so in the spirit of the game Tigers Black lent them a girl from our bench. The first quarter’s defector (which turned out to be a half due to a bungle from the timers) was Libby Johnson.

Londoners got off to a quick start, scoring goals immediately, but it wasn’t long before our girls hit back, with Toni and Jacquie shooting 7 goals in the first half, leaving us only 3 goals down.

The nominated defector for the 3rd quarter was Cookie, while the rest of our girls battled on, shooting another 6 goals to the Londoners 9.

Whether it was the umpires contributing over-enthusiastically, or our girls making a few blues, the whistle was blown and play held up on numerous occasions, much to the Tigers’ displeasure. Poor Chelsey couldn’t get near the ball without being called for stepping, while Isla put herself on the bench at ¾ time in disgust at what she obviously felt were some ordinary decisions against her.

Liz chose a fine time to improve her interceptions and passing shots, (see previous match reports) considering she was the nominated defector in the final quarter. The team seemed a bit disgruntled that she was going to any effort at all. Playing on Carlene turned out to be no mean feat, due to Carlene’s (WA) and Sarah’s (C) bullying tactics, that were probably only slightly exaggerated for the occasion. Way to intimidate the opposition girls, keep up the good work!!

The Londoners were too good for us on this occasion, but having our spies in their team for the match will surely improve our game against them next time.

Tigers Black welcome back Carlene after her stint with the Golds to cover for the injured V-Ron, who has recovered from a bung hip/back much sooner than expected. Welcome back Carlene!


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