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Tigers Resume Season With Mixed Results:
January 21 2008

Tigers Gold (21) vs NIST (23)

Monday night’s game was the first meeting of these two teams since the Grand Final, at which us Tigers stormed to victory and beat NIST to third place in the league. So you could say it was a grudge match of sorts with both teams out to prove themselves.

Unfortunately some of the Golds thought we were due to prove ourselves later in the evening and we started the match with only 5 players on court!! However we held our own, well Liv held her nerve to make some great shots, while Ramone single handedly held off two players in NIST’s attacking zone, until we were at full force!

It remained extremely close throughout the game, but NIST were able maintain a frustrating 2 goal lead at the end of each quarter. Roisin did a great job in center court racing around supported by the ever hard-working Nikki. A fearful defensive duo, answering to the names of Anna and Ramone, emerged during the game and together made some incredible interceptions.

We fought hard and at some tense times got the score back on even terms but NIST proved just a bit too tough for us on this occasion and managed to win by two goals. It was a great game, big thanks to Carlene who has stepped up to help out the Golds for the rest of the season and did a great job both in defence and attack. Joey & Liv worked their magic in attack and shooting, as we have come to expect from this pair.

Tigers Black (10) vs Soi 8 (35)

After losing to Soi 8 in the 2007 final by one point, Tigers Black were keen to make amends, but as the score-line will tell you, it didn’t quite work out that way.

It’s always difficult to play a team with very similar uniforms to you (yellow & black vs black & yellow), but somehow that didn’t seem to affect Soi 8 the way it did the Tigers. But uniforms aside, Soi 8 just had us covered in every position, with great passing and impressive court coverage.

Kath was back to her old tricks, firstly by getting a whack in the face by a new Tiger girl who was playing for the opposition due to lack of numbers. Maybe she has her eye on WA. Certainly that’s the last time we help out the opposition! Then she copped her trademark left-hand finger injury, but we all breathed a sigh of relief to see that once again it was her index, rather than ring, finger (just 2 months to the wedding now!)

Liz had an impressive stack as well, and was also showing off her new technique of intercepting the ball then throwing it to the opposition. Need to work on those passes… Even Robson wasn’t her usual boisterous self in GD. Having to umpire the earlier game may well have ruled out her game day strategy of a pre-match shandy, which usually shakes things up a bit.

Carlene doubled up for a second game after playing with the Golds, and was shooting really well when the ball came her way, while Sarah and Isla were performing up to their usual standards as well.

So all in all, an off day for the Tigers Black, and I’m really hoping that our next game is against a crummy team* so at least we can get a win on the board. (*Please note the views of the match reporter are not necessarily endorsed by the rest of the team).

Match reporters: Joey & Liz


Tigers Black vs. Patana 7pm

Tigers Gold vs. Queen Vic 8pm


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