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Tigers Run Amok As Gold Post Record Score;
Tigers Black Too Good For Patana:
January 28 2008

Tigers Black (35) def Patana (9)

After 2 crushing defeats in two weeks we were gnashing our Tiger teeth in anticipation of playing the Patana Pre-teens.

Toni was back shooting everything and grabbing every rebound in GS, with Jacquie backing her up every step of the way. Newbies Cookie & Bridie were awesome in Centre & GD respectively, while Robson was intimidating the 12 year olds as GK. She was doing such a good job that the only people who were more surprised than the Tigers when Patana scored a goal, was Patana.

Highlights included Natalie doing a pinky but playing on regardless, catching and throwing with one hand, and Robson stacking it, only to hear the opposition’s GA encouraging her GS to “shoot it while she’s down!!” But the hapless GS got her just desserts when she missed the shot. “I can’t believe I missed it!” she cried. “I can’t believe you played on!” said Robson.

Lizzy was persisting with her somewhat controversial tactic of throwing the ball to the opposition. We’ll have to see how that one plays out over the next few weeks. Is she a) trying to lull the opposition into a false sense of security, b) sniffing around for a new team by showing the opposition how useful she can be to them, or c) just trying to confuse them? Time will tell.

At the end of the day, Tigers Black were really happy to get a win on the board, and we’re not too fussed that we beat a bunch of pre-schoolers to get it.

Comings & Goings…
The start of this season has the Golden Tigers bidding a sad farewell to V-Ron who unfortunately can’t play with us this season. In true Tiger spirit they will remain loyal social members – look forward to seeing you at the pub soon girls! To fill the gaps left by those departures we are lucky enough to have Penny and Carlene will be moving across from Tigers Blacks to play with us for the rest of the season. Welcome girls and we look forward to heading to the premiership with you this season!!

Tigers Gold 50 – 6 Queen Vic

Monday night saw the Gold’s best ever score line with a massive victory over a somewhat depleted Queen Vic side. Nonetheless the golds were on fire and welcomed new team member Penny.

Penny, thrown into the deep end as shooter in Liv’s absence, got straight into the action! Both Penny and Joey developed some skillful moves in the circle, helped by some great balls in from attackers Carlene and Roicin, and converted a staggering 90% of shots into goals. (This statistic was actually made up by Joey… but it felt very real...)

By half time the Tigers had raced into a comfortable 24 – 3 lead and used the second half to really focus on team work. Roicin, Anna and Nikki worked well in the centre court bringing the ball successfully down to the shooters who continued to convert.

Ramone, was rock in defence and refused to let in any more than 6 goals in the entire game, which is an amazing achievement (good luck beating that next week…!)

Congratulations girls – an amazing team effort!

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