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Mixed Bag For Tigers;
Gold Down Again But Blacks Fly Flag:
March 17 2008

Transpo 28 def Tigers Gold 24

Having beaten Transpo in the same fixture earlier this season the Golds were feeling confident and ready for the challenge, even without the shooting talent and leadership of Liv. The match started off very close, as expected, with Transpo holding a mere 3 goal lead coming out of the first quarter.

We kept working away, with Penny and V-Ron beginning to come together well as a goal scoring combo! Anna and Carlene were also doing a splendid job in defence putting in more than 110% effort into everything and going for every interception… let’s just say I’m glad I wasn’t in the Transpo attack!

The Golds were somewhat distracted going into the second quarter due to rather large announcement made by the rather large V-Ron… I’m sure you all now know what (or who!) I’m referring to – Congratulations Tiger on your forthcoming cub!! Fill-in captain Joey was forced to focus the now rather excitable team and reassure everyone that they could actually still throw the netball to V-Ron…

Anyway… the game had to go on and unfortunately it saw the Gold fall behind a bit, Joey seemed to be experiencing sympathy pains for V-Ron and decided to perhaps stroll a bit more than run at times… but Anna (new recruit!) and Roisin were making up for it on the wings!

The final quarter saw the Golds with a deficit of 8 goals to make up. We made some inspired changes and went out strong, ending up losing by only 4 goals. A great final quarter girlies!

Match reporter: Joey

Tigers Black (24) def Londoners (17)

With two wins in the last two games could Tiger Blacks make it three in a row? After a motivational warm up (Cookie and Captain ran the entire length of a court, huffed a bit, dropped the ball and finished with a half-hearted stretch for good measure) we were off to a fast paced, quick firing start with a fighting attack and a strong defence.

4-1 up after our first quarter and tiger spirit was running high. We’d made a good lead, but were not as far ahead as we’d hoped nor as our red faces had led us to believe! Another fast paced second quarter and the Londoners managed to close the gap – eek! Nearing a tie at half time, Tiger Blacks managed to pull ahead just as the half-time hooter honked!

Our attack remained strong with the spring steps and forward thinking of our wings and centre (Isla and Kath) combined with great team work within the scoring zone (the combined efforts of Marta, Stace, Chelsea and Toni). Our defence needed a little tightening – some running was called for; or rather demanded by Robson, and in our third quarter we managed to defend well and help widen the gap – breaking away from the Londoners’ earlier comeback attempts.

For our final quarter we brought in ‘fresh-legs Fi’ on a menthol stick high to complete what had started, continued and finished as a fast-paced, fitness enduring, Tigers Black resounding success! The final honk finally went with a 24-17 win over the Londoners. Our thanks and appreciation must also be shown to our ref and scorers who showed true tiger spirit and fairness – as any tiger does!

The luck of the Irish was clearly on our side, with a bye next week, lets hope that our
winning streak is not disturbed as we enter the finals……ggggrrrrrrr!!!

Match reporter: Cookie


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