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Hangover Cure Ain't A Game Of Netball:
November 19 2007

Mad Dogs def. Tiger Blacks (score too embarrassing to mention)

Tigers Gold had a bye this week, which was lucky for them after the big weekend in Hanoi, but Tigers Black had to pull up on Monday for a game, and the results showed that the weekend took its toll.
In my opinion only the last quarter really counts...and that being the case it was pretty much a landside victory to Tigers Black!
Hmmm…. but I’ve been asked to give a write up on the entire match and it would be unfair to the Mad Dogs to deny them a rather large victory...actually so much so we have unanimously decided to black the final score from our memories!
But we all got a good run (one player down mind you)...many nursing sore muscles and tender livers from the weekend’s escapades in Hanoi.
Natalie did a great job in centre, Jaqcui had some moments for reflection as shooter (sorry Jac, didn’t manage to get the ball down there too often!), Sarah got to have a crack at close to all seven positions, and too many bib swaps at inter-change to individually name! But in conclusion it’s very clear, we are not only a team of hard-core never say die troopers but versatile to boot!
Well done girls! Next week’s ours for sure!

Tigers Gold had a bye.


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