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Netballers Post Convincing Wins;
Peak Form Arrives For Finals:
November 26 2007

Tigers Gold 29 def Londoners 8
After a long and large weekend purring in Hanoi and a week off due to a forfeit by Transpo, for the last game of the season the Goldie’s got their growl back and banded together to give the Londoners a ferocious thrashing, hopefully setting themselves up for a chance at the finals next week.
Once again down a couple of players, this week the Golds were joined by Marta and Carlene from the Blacks who offered vital assistance through the mid-court and for the final quarter even in the goals – many thanks girls and well done to Marta, who once again lived up to her nick name,  Marta 'go low' Newport. Your body roll was spectacular!
The first half saw the Golden girls dominate the court, the goalers were as always at the top of their game and the defenders were doing a great job keeping the ball out of the Londoners circle. A few position changes at quarter time brought Joey up the court for a run in centre and had Vron heading all the way from keeper to shooter – love your versatility girls!
With a lead of around 20 goals at three-quarter time, courageous captain Liv suggested the Gold’s "go easy on ‘em" for the final quarter.  A lucky-dip for bibs resulted in everyone taking up an unfamiliar position to mix things up and have a bit of fun! Nikki our trusty winger ended up in GA and proceeded to make the move of the match after a tussle for the ball: a near somersault, combined with losing a shoe!  Switching things up at the end gave the Londoners a window allowing them to almost out-score the Golds in the final quarter.  
A fun game and a great way to finish off the season, well done Golden Tigers and a BIG thank-you Blacks… we couldn’t have made it through the season without your support!!

Tigers Black def. Shrewsbury 31-19

Tigers Black are back! We fronted NIST on Monday night feeling refreshed after most of us didn’t bother to play last week and we were ready to rumble for the last game of the season proper. With 2 players on the bench we were able to rotate the team around for every quarter.

The most remarkable thing about the game was the Shrewsbury girls: they were laughing and chatting and giggling throughout the game, while we were giving them an absolute hiding!

Toni, Jacqui & Carlene were unstoppable shooting goals, Libby & Sarah were brilliant in the centre, Kath was everywhere, and Puddles was a menace in the Goal Keeping position. Isla was named best and fairest for our team, but that’s not to say the other girls didn’t look hot too.

We restricted Shrewsbury to just one or two goals in the final quarter, and the captain was overheard after the match finished, “Surely we scored more than that!” However the Tigers Black are not a team to bring the scorer into disrepute, especially when it works in our favour.

Once again both Black & Gold teams put in a solid effort at the pub after the game (and rumour had it that certain prominent members of team Black were at the pub before the game as well, a tactic thought to be factor in our victory). Despite the fact that the season’s ladder has been shrouded in mystery and is BNL’s best kept secret, it is thought that both teams will make the finals. So we can still take comp kids! Either way, we’d love a huge cheer squad this Monday (3rd December) for the Finals, so get down to NIST to cheer the girls home!


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