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Time to Support The Women Fellas!

We had one supporter this week from the Tigers footy team, but heading towards the business end of the season we’d love to get a bigger cheer squad. So come down to NIST for the penultimate game of the season, November 19 (after Hanoi), Tigers Gold vs. Transpo at 7pm, Tigers Black vs. Mad Dogs at 8pm. Depending on post-game spirits we may head to the pub after.

Netballers belt the Opposition;
Good Form A Great Sign As Finals Loom:
November 5 2007

Tigers Gold defeated Queen Vic 34 - 13

After taking on the town on Saturday night after the Tigers Aussie Rules Grand Final match, the girls were pumped for a good run, with or without their voices!
The Golden Girls were in fine form this week with a full crew on court and even a sub for the first time in weeks! The confidence of a full team showed and everyone did a great job of moving the ball down the court where our goalers were converting everything.  Queen Vic scrambled together a team with a number of substitutes, including our own Rachael for the first quarter - until she was replaced due to conflict of interest! 
Happy to have Rachael back alongside Vron, Nikki and Roisin, our mid-court engine proceeded to convert numerous Queen Vic centres to our advantage.  With consistent scoring from our star goalers Joey & Liv in the first half with 10 & 10 a quarter, Queen Vic stepped up their defence a notch in the second keeping the scores to 9 & 5 respectively.
Our fearless captain Liv took a hit for the team in the last quarter, coming off second best in a jostle for the centre pass with Janet from Queen Vic. The sound of her hitting the deck stopped the games on all three courts! Thanks for putting your body on the line for us Liv, but we hope your knee is OK after a little ice and the bruises aren’t too nasty! Queen Vic didn’t go unscathed either with one player electing to catch a rather long lob pass with her face – ouch!
Casualties aside, it was a fun and fast flowing game which we managed control and open up the court in just the right ways for a convincing win. Well done Tigresses!
Special mention and thanks must also be given to Tigers from both the Black and Gold teams: Liv, Joey, Robson, Marta, Carlene and Ramone; who gave up their Saturday last week to volunteer to train as BNL Umpires. Carlene and Ramone made their Ump-irical debuts this week, thankfully to not much heckling from the players! We must have actually learned something! It was a very professionally run day at Bangkok Pattana School, with comprehensive training delivered by Genevieve from Transpo.
The next Umpires’ course will be held in Feb '08 and we encourage everyone to come along, even if you never plan to umpire. Not only is it a great way to grasp the rules if you’re a beginner, but a great refresher and learning tool for experienced players too.  You also develop a healthy respect for the hard work it can actually be to become an all-seeing, all knowing whistle-blower!
Good luck to all playing in the BNL tourney this weekend and see the rest of you after a weeks rest on the 19th for the second last match of the season!

Match reporter: Ramone Bisset

Tigers Black defeated Pattana 38 - 9

After a dicey first quarter where it looked like it might be Thailand Tigers vs. 3 teenagers slowly but surely more and more of our opposing team dribbled in and by the 2nd quarter we had enough for a proper game.

Thailand Tigers got the win they needed, the game was smooth and we seemed to be playing in our most suited positions. Players were using their positions and each other to create a smooth transition from well, anywhere on the court to the terrible twosome down in the goal circle! (And into the net!)

Jacquie (Michael Jordan) Paige swooshed many a net and Toni was a fearless failsafe shooter! Isla, Carlene and Natalie in the centre third worked brilliantly to bridge the gap between defence and attack.

Sarah was an attacking defender and Robson managed to save the rebounds and return them to their rightful place… headed towards our net!

BNL Tournament on Saturday 9am – 2pm. NIST. All supporters welcome!

Match Reporter: Captain ‘Puddles’ Robson

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