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Netballers couragous in defeat;
Kath Injury Big Blow To Finals Campaign
October 31 2007

NIST def Tigers Gold 21 - 13

Down one Tigress again this week, we were kindly and ably assisted by Janet from Queen Vic. The NIST defenders kept our star goalers on their toes with nary a lob pass making it into the circle.  We started out a little slow but after half time the tigresses in Gold gave it a good crack. Roisin rocked the centre, Jumping Joey and Ramone long legs were enjoying the run while the rest of the team slogged it out in their positions.

A fast but sometimes messy game with numerous turnovers, the last quarter left one unlucky NIST player with a netball to the nose and some very watery eyes. It was a super enjoyable game with the teams evenly matched but keeping up lots of friendly laughs through the tough competition.  By three-quater time we were only 5 points behind, but a slow start in the last quater was costly against a confident home side whose shooters were on fire.

We lost this week, but we're confident that with a full squad and a few more successful games you'll see us in the finals!

Soi 8 def Tigers Black 30 - 12

Tigers Black were pumped up after their last crushing defeat and took to the court with gusto on Monday night.  The first quarter was close, with Soi 8 edging ahead (thanks in part to the fact that their goal was a good one foot lower than the Tigers’ and getting shorter every time they touched it).  So after a brief intermission to adjust the goals Tigers Black finished the quarter only 2 goals down. 

Unfortunately, Soi 8 gathered momentum from this point, aided by the umpires who were pulling out rules that the hapless Tigers Black had never even heard of, but managed to break all the same with disturbing regularity. 

The most devastating incident of the game was an injury in the last quarter to pocket rocket Kath Pace.  Probably a jarred finger, but to hear her telling it to President Rhino, she may still be in the ICU at Bangkok Hospital.

To make matters worse, due to lack of a Tigers bench Kath’s replacement came from the other team’s bench, a girl who seemed to be struggling at first to break the habit of passing to her Soi 8 teammates. *Cough*.

The irrepressible Captain Puddles (who played a brilliant game) was looking at the positive, “We almost achieved half their score!” and “Sarah, everyone agrees after seeing you in the Centre position that you are very good in defence.”  Good onya Puddles! 


Match reporter: Liz Player, Liv Thwaites, Ramone Bisset

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