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Big V Win Origin 1:

June 26 2008
The Noodles Report.

Hi there. Its me.

Strange, but not a stranger.

Noodles struts his stuff

Great game of football that was played on the weekend.

Vics vs The Dream Team.

Great turn out. Good crowd also.

Patto and Stewy had a kick with the kids, about 10 in all. Looks like it was a success with the kids so Sual will have to get off his butt and organize a couple more of these events. Well done Saul.

Over to the great game

We played 14 a side and a few on each bench. About 45 fine young athletes participated and 2 maggots that really love to ruin the great game.

In the fiirst 1/4 the Vics seemed to be able keep themselves in the game boasting a forward line of an average age of 45 years, while the dream team boasted an average age of 26 in the engine room. J Rex and Hooey combined very well together in the first half. Mango also got a couple of kicks wide but was good enough to get free. The Dreams back line did better in the second 1/4 with Hooey getting back and running out with the ball. The Vics kept at it like true Vics. Kingy stood out most in the first half for the Vics and the bloke that did his hammy was very handy until he did his hammy.

Patto made a few very good changes at 1/2 time for the Vics. Kerry came into the game and stuck to instructions well. As did that other bloke that Patto swung into the action. Thwaiter did well and I will always say that Rino plays better down back. Rowdy continues to soak up knowledge. Bags finished with a few and Dog snuck in for a couple before being dragged off to let a younger bloke have a go.

The Dreams also played hard at it all day doing this and that and tuffing it up to the last second.

The Vics got themselves infront early in the third and that was that and Hendo went home at 3/4 time. The Vics were the underdogs. But us Vics dont care if we are underdogs or overdogs because we are tougher and we fight to the end. So we won.

For the record. Hollywoods starti ,,, no thats to nice. Sual continues to look for some one to teach him how to kick. Poor old Sammo cant seem to get out of bed straight these days. Endo Seffto and many other guys tried hard all day. Actually I tyhiughet that the game was well umpired also.


I used them all up in my report

Surfing Tip

Never hesitate.

My votes

Every one that supports Thailand Tigers.

Final Scores:

Dream Team
10 - 6 - 66
6 - 7 - 43
Goalkickers: Victoria
Goalkickers: Dream Team
Baggers 3
Dog 2
Kingy 1
Noodles 1
Thwaiter 1
CJ 1
Yoda 1

Hooey 2
Sammo 2
Rex 1
Ando 1

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June 26
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