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Domestic Season 1 2007 Game 1:
26 February 2007

Another Noodles Report. Well we have finally have started another season of the great game. History was also made playing our first game, well at ISB.

Noodles struts his stuff

Another good turn up of fine tuned blokes. 28 or so. We trained 2 weeks ago and also had over 20 great athletes. Last week unfortunately the ground seemed to be double booked. wog ball got the nod.

To the Footy.

Well the wog ball ground that we played on at ISB seems to go from north to south. If you were looking south from the northern end of the ground the breeze would of been blowing in your face.So that means that you would of had a southerly breeze blowing in your face. So thats what way the wind was lowing. Up the ground fom one end to another.
New presedent new season and away we go.

12 a side on a wog ball grond. And one maggot The ball was thrown up.
Thwaiter was hard at it from the start and looked good. The Reds did well
early hitting targets and fighting hard. Rusty took some convincing marks
and kicked straight to capatalise The blues kept in there with Choppers
(Dog) doing well up forwad and kicking a couple. The Reds kicked 4 3 in the
first to 2 1.It was all go.

In the second the Reds held the blues to an even scoring quarter against the
wind blowing up the ground. It was tiough. It was great. Only 1 goal 1 to
each team. It's just so exciting. The only thing better is the beer after it.
In the third the blues got it together and got on top kicking 3 goals 1 too
2 pionts.The blues seemed to control the ball a lot better under pressure of
Yodas whip. In the last the blues kicked another couple to go home with.
Well done gays and Yoda. For the those who want to know. 53 to 35.

For the blues. Samo and the young new Luke. Young old Luke also turned up again and did well. JD. jd did well on the most consistent. Viv is starting to express
himself more and more. Loyd and this bloke and that bloke did well also.

For the Reds. If the Reds did not have Thwaiter and Rhino the rest would of
have to had of played a bit harder. Saul did do a lot of 1 percenteres.

Highlights. How can there be a highlight when there is no beer, and
sausages. Very difficult. I did adjust to the situation and managed to think
of a couple at the time. But I have forgoten them.

Questions. Can the Tassie boys stand up? Can someone please tell them that
you are ment to get better. l Who wants to win the Asian Champs?
Just have a fairdinkmm go

Surfing Tip. Do not get sick on your wet suit as it can attrackt sharks.

Let me intoduce you to my new dog lucky. His name is Lucky. Lotus has an ear
infection. Trouble is jy sabai now thaat he has no nuts. Sledges cat now
walks around on the roof.

Noodles. The MOST consistant.

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26 February
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