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Thailand Tigers vs Malaysian Warriors:
3 March 2007

Some good music. A bottle of Sang Som and away we go. What a great Day. What a Great Game that we play. What is greater? What would you rather be doing?

Noodles struts his stuff

Going down the Great Ocean Road or playing the Great Game?

The Thailand Thiagers VS The Malaysian Worriers

After an emotional plea sent out during the week, some blokes must have hurt somewhere. Even Rob and Gerry were there History was in the makin agin. With the Thaigers playing their first international game at Harrow.

The ground goes from north to south, from south to north. The wind was blowing straight up the ground blowing from south to north not from north to south.
We won the toss and Dog chose to kick with the wind after thinking about it for 10 minutes. Anyway. Good decision. Two maggots. 2 goal umpires, and Bob and Gerry on the boundry.

The ball was not bounced up, but they went for history. The first ¼ was hard. The Thaigers crowded their forward line and waisted chances with the wind. Malasia were very hard at it putting the foot forward to say that they have the cup. There was a scuffle, but it was just Mago hop, skipping and jumping around. About a goal each at that break

The second ¼ was good too. So was the third and last. Would like to go on but I cannot, It was gonna be good but Da came home as I was just finishing the first quarter. She is now painting her toe nails.

For Malaysia. (Great Bunch of Blokes).

For the Thaigers. Rowdy looked like Rain Lover running out of defense. Willy had a few. And had a lot to say. What can you say when a Grizzly turns up? Prezz and Thwaiter are moving well and Samo and Jesus looked like they wanted to cook a barbeque. Great team effort. The Thaigers won just check out some other report on the Thaigers web site

Highlites. Plenty of beer after the game.
The goal posts did not fall down.

Surfing tip. Eat heaps of wheat bicks. If the tide drops unusually to about a k out. RUN there is a tsunami on the way .

Some people like to go out dancing. But I just like to watch the wind blow on the windmill and the wind mill turn around.

Safari Park. Is okay this week.


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3 March
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