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Match 3 Blues vs Reds:
10 March 2007

Gidday. Wait a minute. I’ve gotto to go and get a bag of ice.

Great. Day. Great Game. I’m sick of saying that it can’t get better. Great crowd. About 10 or so.

Noodles struts his stuff

The Reds managed to scrap a team up to play Blues and Fiona. What would you rather do? Go to the Great Barrier Reef for a holiday or play a game of the great Game.

The wind was coming from where the sun sets and going to where the sun rises. Blowing up the wrong ended ground. Maggot wanted to score so Fish had to umpire. 3 + 3 + 3 . That’s nine a side to me. Does T. Tree ever answer his phone?

The ball hit the ground and it was on. Good Golly Miss Molly.Young Nick Bedford kicked the first goal in his first domestic season game against the wind combining well with Grizz. But the Blues hit back hard with four goals. The second ¼ the Reds actually outscored the Blues by a point but still trailed at half time by 19 points. Samo was good down back calling out his name. Loydy and Kerry where getting too much of the ball as far as the Reds where concerned. Big young new Luke, old young Luke where there too. The Reds had a few head aches. Thwaiter was playing well and the other Red boys where actually having a go. Well in the third ¼ the Blues went ballistic and kicked six goals to two. Good play and talk all around the ground from the Blues. Fiona has surely been touching them up. 84 to 43 at three quarter time. I am sure that the Reds thought that they where locked in their rooms. Even Benny was saying look at me. I just want to scream.

In the last the Reds outscored the Blues but not by enough.

For the Blues. I cannot believe that they won without D Dog. Fiona is leading the way. Viv and JD like to punish their opponents. Rowdy drank well after the game. They all played well. Sorry if I have not mentioned your name. Short memory.

For the Reds. I thought Grizzly’s got angry when they were hurt. Stewy did well in his first game. Hollywwood kicked 5. Shit I was surprised too and I was there. They all tried hard and believe that they can win the next one.

questions. No 1. What do you believe? Are the people wasting away in paradice going backwards? Nothing you say will make them change. No 2. Taassie Boys????
Highlightyes. Toby got some new blue booties. Prezz will get the socks.

Surfing Tops. Don’t let your dog sleep on your wet suit either because that can also attract sharks. It’s like cricket. Don’t be scared of the ball. Water can only drown you.. But watch out for rocks. More Highlights.

Johnne is going to Japan

Fiona leading the way

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