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Domestic Season 1 - 2007. Games 4 & 5:
3 April 2007

Great game. This week and last week. The blues won again last week very easy in the end, but we had 35 or so supporters. The crowds are getting bigger.

Noodles struts his stuff

Wagga was there and played very well. Patto and Thwaiter and kerry and Llody, Sammo, the new young Luke and the old young Luke.

JD, and a few other blokes played very well and Grizzly was sadly missed (out drinking cups of tea with his mates from Addilayde). The standard of the great games of the great game that we play is getting better with all these young blokes and the Tassie boys standing up. The blues actually ran out easy winners. Actually ISB rang me and said that ciggrette ash was found in the garbage bin and that girls make up was found in the boys changing rooms. It’s a great game.

This, last week was also a great game. Very hot. It must have been because of the weather. Well it didn’t really matter which way the wind blew because the side that won the toss kicked with it to the east. Straight down the ground on a ground that goes from east to west from west to the east longways. Another, not a bad crowd, was there to watch the standard get better

I havn’t got to much to say these days because the young blokes are young blokes and the maggots won’t give me a vote. The only other reason apart from wanting to play the great game because it is a great game to play is that it keeps me off the piss for three hours on a Saturday. The Blues got the early advantage by winning the toss

but, the Waggas, the Vivs, the Ultans, the Samos and the kerrys were missing. But they still had the Lloydys, the Pattos, the old Lukes and the new Lukes the rock of Saint kilda junction and of course Fiona.

The Reds must of thought that they had a chance, but I don’t reckon that they thought that they thought that they had a chance. Much to quiet at the breaks.? Not emotional enough?. Complacency? Save our City? Problems in the higheracky? Can’t work out which way the wind blows? Who knows?

The Reds were in the game until the Blues got too far in front. The Reds couldn’t catch up before the siren went. Then the siren went and it was time for beer and snags. What a great game. What a great day. If you were not there you should have been. Try to get there next week. You never know. I might ask you to hit in a goal post if you are there early enough. Sorry I am getting emotional.

Highlights. The point post at the western end of the ground on the northern side fell down.

My dogs love me two times. They saved our City.

Surfing Tipps.

We all know that Bells Beach is big and bad. Realality is a place for people who can’t surf there.


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