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Game Day 4:
September 22 2007
Another Noodles Report.

I think that that was the coolest day for football that we have had in a long time in Thailand. 11 a side. 4 3 and 4 at the start. I think that it ended up at 4 4 and 4.

Noodles struts his stuff

The wind was blowing up the ground. I don't know who won the toss but the Reds were kicking up the ground with the wind, A little bit of a crowd. I will have to start counting them again and put it on the stats.

One maggot and away we went. Every thing was happening very quickly. We saw what Bobby Bedford did when he was young. The Reds back line was strong in the first ¼. I don't know who was up or who was down at ¼ time. But if you are only half way up or half way down you are neither up or down.(reality is creeping in) So the score board wasn't a big factor at this time as every player seemed to know that it was a close great game and wanted to get up.

Blues 2 2 14 Reds 2 1 13

The second ¼ was just great. I can't remember who did what or who was up or who was down. I really did not know. It's funny how I always seem to remember umpires decisions. Thwaiter was strong. No one was missing Hollywood.

Blues 4 3 27 Reds3 2 20.

The third quarter was as good as the first half. The Reds really played hard at it and gave it everything that they had. But the blues seemed to have the answers. Well done to the Blues actually. I reckon Dog and Ralf would have snuck of for couple of beers by now. I forget who was good and who was bad. Great game. It will never stop getting better.

Blues 6 5 35 Reds 4 5 29.

The game continued to be a great game ijn the last 1/*4. The Blues ran out winners.

Blues 9 9 63 to the Reds 4 8 32.

It was just great. Not peculiar.
Why in the world are we here? Answer. To challenge nature.

Pressuer pack one percent votes.
5 Thwaiter. Because.
4 Grizz. Last game.
3 Tommy. Arguably best on ground. Gotta get Hendo to tone him down.
2 Wagga. Camp.
1 Can't split Rhino or Bobby Bedford. One each.

The final ¼. Benny turned up. 6 pack and all. 16 day program. The bloke called Bags played well.If you liked my last book 'beer all year^&* You['re in luck I'm writing a book called '''''how to get on the piss when your on the piss"

Surfing Tip.
My tip is that if you are surfing ijn AUustralia feep surfing but watch outfor those Japanese subs.

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