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Game Day 8:
October 30 2007
Another Noodles Report.

Well ,well ,well, I hope that you are all well. Great day for a great game. No sun. A slight breeze but I forget which way it was going and where it was coming from. No maggots. Get this. 4, 4 and 3. 11 from each team on the field. A good crowd that cinsistadod of Aussie net ballers and some other people and away we went.

Noodles struts his stuff
The Reds kicked 2 2 to 1 point in the first. They played really well and talked it up and won the ball around the ground and had good targets up forward. They should of been further ahead but Dog was doing well down back for the Blues. Hamish deserves a mention.

The second 1/4 the Reds turned it up another notch. Thwaiter, Top Cat, Hendo and Brian were good.They kicked 6, 2 to 2 goals 3. Saul was trying hard for the Blues and Kerry kept chasing.

The Blues actually played better in the third 1/4 and were a bit unlucky not to peg the score back after having all the play. The Reds found three open venues and kicked three goals. There back line also stood up. The blues won the 1/4. They kicked 3 2 to 3 goals. Benny put his body in and seemed to get himself back in the game. That shows character. Dog went to the centre and took some bite out of the Reds. Also Hendo couldnt capatalize.

The Reds were very lucky not to loose the game in the last with the Blues kicking 5 goals 1 to 1 3 in the last. Patto put down the clip board. The Reds won the game .73 TO 67. Thats straight off the official score card. I cant tell you who kicked the goals because no one wrote them down.

So next week we have the Granny. Evey Granny is a granny of a great granny of the great game. Get your beer, wives, wine , beer and som tum and get down there.

The Reds have good players to come back. I could go on and on with their list. They have some good players and so do the Blues. It will be a great game of the great game i can assure you that. So get down there. Grace Slick will be there also.


No cream puffs.

I've never met a Mexican.

Pressuer pack one percenter votes.

5 Saul. Not giving up.

4 Dog. Made an Impact.

3 Thwaiter. Always good.

2 Mango. He knows he has to get better.

1 Sammo. Same as Thwaiter, but drinks more piss.

Unlucky non vote getters.


Top cat


New young Luke

That new bloke.


Jim Morrison.


Surfing Tip.

If a shark attacks you. Poke it in the eye.

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