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November 12 2007
The Noodles Report.

A Great day for a Great game of the Great game that we play to be played on.

Noodles struts his stuff

Anyway we ended up at Tennis Acadamy Asia. At Muong dton tarny. I got their about an hour late. I didnt see any wnd at all. Not even a slight breeze.

The boys had a good work out on some bikes and then played a bit of wog ball on a small wog ball rectangle or pitch or what ever the wogs call it. What they actually call what they actually play on I do not know. I like to play on ovals. It was five on five. The old guys vs the young guys .

The first third was great. So was the second and third, third. After three thirds the old guys ran out winners 10 to 5. It wasnt that exciting bit Fish had a good time as so did Saxon. They both played three thirds of good wogball.

After a swim we all went to a place where you drink beer at.

It was a good day. Those who want to get better were there. Some of them actually tried to get sick. Thats what its all about. Hurting , getting a kick, getting sick and drinking beer.

I can drink beer any weer.

Black is black and I can live with that.

No announcements or big news.

Surfing Tip

Sillabus means "out the back" in Tagalog. Don't forget Michael Peterson.

From the most consistant. nOodles

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12 November
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