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Training Report:

May 25 2008
The Noodles Report.

Hi there.

About training last Saturday about the 17th of May.

Noodles struts his stuff

Wind was a westerly. Beautifull.

20 fine young athlletes changed into their gear and braved the cool conditions.

Nice cool weather. Another great day for the boys to get together and have a kick and think that they are all super stars of the great game.

We went for a warm up lap bur, had to stop at the eastern end to take a break so we did some stretching. Then headed back up to the northern end.

It was a real good training session concentrating mainly on ball skills. A bit of short sharp stuff, and a bit of this and a bit of that.

I am sure that everyone that was there had a good time. Its just a great game.


"What a surprise".

'Happy Chappy Patty Cappy has officially retiered as Cappy because of a knee injuty during a net ball game and is now only coach.

"There may be dogs about.?

In upcoming Noodles RReports



If you see an old can of VB on the beach or in the water at the beach, Don't touch it. It might have a VB Ringed Octopus in it

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