Andrew "Coxy" Cox

Veteran defender. Number of games played about to surpass hairs on his head.

David "Patto" Paterson

Patto - heroic captain / coach, looks good in a thong

Gary "Chatters" Chatfield

The evergreen warhorse. Replaces his divots.

Howard "Howie" Noble

Put the whistle away and trained with the team recently. Was quickly encouraged to stick to umpiring.

Stephen "Rowdy" Richards

The man who kicked Dubai out of the Asia champs. Enough said.

Tony "The Tiger" de Vries

Tells his wife he's at work. I hope she’s not reading this.

Victor "The Russian" Taylor

Arms dealer / football player. Hoping to get a weekend pass from whichever jail he currently resides.

"Dangerous" Dave Lee

Narrowly missed a game in Collingwood’s 2010 premiership team. Came to Thailand looking for more opportunities.

Alistair "Big Al" Pyers

Sees every free-kick. Pays at least 50% of them. Recent trips to India not helping him put on weight.

Jarrod "Jazza" Roberts

Strong grab, sticky hands. We’ve asked him not to do that before games anymore. 

Luke "Jesus" Rogowski

Jesus was here!

Nathan "Kinky" Kincaid

An enigma. Could sleep in and show up at the bar afterwards. Could kick 10 goals from the back pocket. Who knows?

Roger "The Cool Breeze" Sefton

A cross between Peter Daicos and Snoop Dog. Watch for the party tricks after halftime.

Saul "Mad Dog" Morgan

Tough, reliable, solid, and goes all day. Also plays footy.

Simon "Switter" Whitney

Saul recruited him from Tassie after the departures of Hollywood and Mango, just to have someone to drink with.

Tom "Crackers" Keenan

A scary unit. Being on the same team no guarantee he won’t bash you. 

Trent "Smitty" Smith

Too fast, too furious. If he’s not limping at some stage it will be a dead-set miracle.

Warwick "Wazza" Baglin

Leaves nothing to chance in his ultra professional preparation (gets his opponents pissed before big games)

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