Established in 1996 and based in Bangkok, the Thailand Tigers play competitive intra-club matches throughout the year. The 'Blues' and the 'Reds' battle it out weekly for the honor of holding up the prestigous 'Bob & Gerry Cup', named after the clubs founders. Their names, believe it of not, are Bob & Gerry.

A pre-season draft is used to select teams and this initiative has been a huge success resulting in increased numbers, more competitive matches and greater comraderie. The Tigers also play against teams from the South East Asian region, the highlight being an annual ANZAC commemorative match in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, the home of the infamous Bridge on the River Kwai. Regional tours are conducted twice annually.

The club has since expanded into supporting a Tigers netball team. This has not only increased our membership base but has added an extra, and most welcome, dimension to our social scene. Matches are played on a weekly basis. The Thailand Tigers play the majority of their football games at Bangkok Patana School, Soi 105, Sukhumwit (map). Matches are held, usually, on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The ground has an excellent surface and remains firm, even during the wet season.

Our club doyen, and full-time columnist, Noodles is the property steward and his efforts on game day are to be commended. Sometimes he even gets a few helpers to set up the goalposts. The number of players for our intra-club domestic matches varies from week to week but the turnout is usually around 20 players, a dozen or so supporters and, if we're lucky, two umpires. Howard and Alistar (we normally just call them Maggot 1 & 2) must be masochists to wanna run around in the blazing hot sun whilst getting abused by all and sundry. They don't even get the thrill of kicking the occasional goal. Future plans have them being used as step-ladders just so they feel that their participation is valued. To be honest, without their unbiased contributions the club would be at a loss.

So if you are keen to have kick, a beer, or you just wanna yell your head off, visit the Bangkok Patana Sports Complex, Sukhumvit Soi 105 to get your dose of Aussie Rules action. Post game beers, kept ice cold by Noodles' minions, are guaranteed.

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The Tigers history dates back to sometime in the early 90's with a small band of hack's, not only competing with themselves for the footy, but also the occasional security guard at Lumpini Park in the heart of Bangkok. It took a couple of years before they progressed from that small band to what was to become the Thailand Tigers in 1996.

May 1996 saw the Tigers play host to the touring Hong Kong Dragons and play their first game of "competitive football" Asian style at Kasetsart University.

It was a long time between drinks for the Tigers as it wasn't until September 1997 that they played their next game, this time a tour and a return match against Hong Kong, played at the Military Hospital Grounds in Hong Kong.

November of the same year the Tigers again played host, this time to the Singapore Wombats in a game played at Thana City which was to become the Tigers "home" ground for the next few years.

1998 was a busier year for the Tigers, playing 5 games during the year. 2 games were against the Hong Kong Dragons, one held in Ho Chi Minh City, and the other in Bangkok.

Other matches involved the Hanoi Hawks, also in Ho Chi Minh City and games against the Saigon Saints and the Singapore Wombats were played in Bangkok.

A lean spell followed for the next 12 months before the Tigers hosted what is arguably the prelude to the now Asian Championships - The 4 Nations Cup - at Thana City. Attended by Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia, the Tigers played only the 2 games, one against Hong Kong the other against Indonesia. The 4 Nations Cup was ultimately won by Singapore.

The Tigers were finding it difficult to tour and April 2000, the Tigers again played host to the Saigon Saints. August had a small band of Tigers on tour, back to Ho Chi Minh City, where they played games against Malaysia and then Indonesia. The Tigers came away with wins in both games.

A crisis of some description had begun to take effect on the Tigers and numbers were dwindling. Fewer and fewer training sessions were happening and with each irregular session there were fewer and fewer blokes.

In an effort to get the Tigers going again, October 2001 saw the Tigers again host a tournament of sorts at Thana City. A few days of rain prior to the tourney turned the track at Thana City into a virtual quagmire that had the Bintangs, Warriors, Wombats & Tigers slogging it out in the mud. The Tigers, a team of relative unknowns (to one another that is) came away without a win from the tournament won by Singapore.

A long spell followed that disastrous Oct tourney, training sessions were virtually non existent and the likelihood of games even more so.

Late ‘02 / early ‘03 the Tigers were starting to show signs of a rejuvenation, a few kicks in the park were happening and the odd internal “scratch match” was providing some impetus. The resurrection culminating in a good 2003 for the Tigers.